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Little Sleep, Little Peep





                        Sleep is sleep~brainyqute



I know that as your reading this sentence, you are fighting off an internal push that has been telling you to pass out right here right now, but you know that you are unable to because, of the consequences you might face. There was one memorable moment where I could no longer resist the temptation, and I had to shut my eyes for just a little. It was around six o’clock I on a dry and cold wintry night. I had just finished a hard, long and painful day at school. As i arrived at the barbershop, my drowsy eyes nearly guided me off to sleep, before i got in the door.

     As I sat down on the black leather chair, I felt ay last energy that was keeping me awake leave my body like a train leaving the station. It was only a matter of time now. As my barber started slicing my hair from my head it felt like a soothing head pat, which was not helping me. I could feel it, I was slipping. And “BOOM” I was out like a sack of rocks. I woke some time later t the barber tapping me on my shoulder to wake me. 


 Now I know that I am not the only person in this perfect world who has fallen to the never ending battle of staying awake.In this certain experience, thankfully nothing tragic happened to my “golden locks”. But imagine that instead of your barber waking you it is your angry boss awaiting your 3 week late paper. What I’m saying is you should try to stay awake if your know the consequences will be fatal.


To perform at your best during your time of labor, you must take the extra 5 minutes.



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I liked how you talked about not getting enough sleep in important times and how it was interesting to read.

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