WW Fenn Reflection
Little Sleep, Little Peep

                    Summer Trips

                       Friendships last a lifetime 

                            ~ brainy quote




we all have a special friend who joins us in the journey of life.

In my journey, Brendan and I have been ridin together for longer than I can remember. The warm humid air whistles through soaked head. The peach colored sunset over the shallow intercoastal made the scene that much more fun. Me and Brendan, sitting in the bed of a Ford F-150 rental flyin over the historic bridge, down on the coast of North Carolina. It was mid July, me and my friend Brendan went down south to North Carolina to have some fun on the beach. We had been dying to get down there. Once we got our rental car and we saw that it was a pickup truck we both flipped. As both of us begged our parents to let us ride in the back. Ten minutes later we were flying down the street with the wind in our faces. This experience has stuck with me for many years, when I read the prompt I immediately thought of this experience. Although in this scene me and Brendan where physically riding together, we have been riding through life together ever since. Brendan is a true brother to me, and we will continue to ride through life together.


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