Fortnite, Beyond The Game
Daily Journal 2

Daily Journal 1

I wake up but cannot move

Now I know I have to move

It’s time for school

Get on zoom

I always sit in my room

Class is boring 

I feel like snoring 

The day is long 

It feels like lifelong

Lunch break happens 

Then flies by

So I just want to cry

When the day ends 

I get on fortnite with my friends

The day is soon over time to repeat

But not before I end this beat

I just want summer to come

Because right now I feel like a slum

When this is over I will takeover



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Drew Callen

Nice job filling in rhymes to this poem. I am also very bored


Sounds like you're taking charge of the day and of your life, and that is refreshing to see and read.

Kevin Yuan

Nice poetry. I like how well the rhyming fits in.

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