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Today, Monday, April 6, 2020 was in short, a long day. But aren’t all Monday’s long? Today I woke up with three minutes to spare to log on to zoom and join advisory. After talking to Mr. Cribb about the weekend I embark on the deadly adventure of completing math homework. To my surprise, after a little elbow grease it wasn’t that hard. Off to science where I had no idea what we were doing that class. I panicked and called about eight different people in my class and after fifteen long minutes I had a basic understanding and started off on more work. English class was not that bad today, the class just discussed about the weekly assignment sheet and got off to commenting on fitz’s blog posts. After school was over I went on a stress reliving mile walk. Ate some dinner and started writing this post, pondering on what to write about next. Well given my day isn’t over, I will predict on what the rest of my day will look like. After writing this I am going to go shower, come down get ice cream, cut up an orange and head up to bed.



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Drew Callen

I like how you called your math homework a “deadly adventure.” A bit short, but nice paragraph


This is a good way of capturing a slice of your life in these new times. Be sure to break it up into paragraphs to make it easier to follow the transitions in your day.

Kevin Yuan

Nice job describing your day. I like how you predict the rest of the day.

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