Daily Journal 2
Hoops With The Boys

Daily Journal 3

Woke up sun was shining 

Weekend days always have me smiling 

I came downstairs 

And to my surprise 

Syrup covered pancakes were in front of my eyes

I was like and old bear

Coming out of hibernation

And finding a honey covered bees nest

Playing fortnite with the boys

When we die we make a lot of noise

Went outside to feel the spring air

The birds and flowers everywhere

Playing with friends would be a Beautiful scene

But unfortunately I’m still in quarantine

Waiting for summer feels like a bummer

When life get backs to normal is a true wonder

Praying school never comes back

So that I can always slack.



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Great poem, I liked how you rhymed and used similes during the poem. I also really liked the theme of the poem.

Drew Callen

Again, nice job fitting in the rhymes with the poem. I also like the part about Fortnite.

Drew Callen

Again, nice job fitting in the rhymes with the poem. I also like the part about Fortnite.

Will Hatten

Nice poem! Personally I completely disagree with the last two lines, but other than that it was great. haha

Finn hudson

I really liked your poem and the great rhymes that were in it.


Here's to looking on the bright side of things. I love the poem and your clever way with rhymes. You are no slack!

Kevin Yuan

Nice poem! Good job with the rhymes.

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