Daily Journal 3
Pain of chores

Hoops With The Boys

                            One small step for man, one massive leap for mankind           
                                                ~ Neil Armstrong

It all feels like a bad dream, the type of dream where you wake up 100 degrees with a beating heart and covered in sweat. All I hear is quarantine, virus and online school. I just wish it would stop and go back to the way thing used to be. Being able to see friends in real life and not through a screen, and go back to school and interact with people or at least being able to walk outside without having to wear a mask and gloves. The worst of it all is that we don’t know it will ever end, I might not get to go to high school, see my friends again and have to live in my house forever. I just wish it would stop.


The last time I was able to hang out with my friends before all this was over a month ago. Now that I have been stuck at my house for over a month I have had time to reflect on this whole quarantine thing, and I realized that during my daily life I underestimated a lot of freedoms and took them for granted. I went to a park to play basketball with a couple of my friends before quarantine, the virus was still around except, quarantine was not around yet. I left my house whenever I wanted and got to go wherever I wanted, in this case it was the park.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, I was playing xbox with my two best friend, Harry and Brendan. When all of a sudden Brendens mon told him to get off and go outside. Me and Harry didn’t want to stop playing with Brendan because, we were having such a good time. That when I thought of an idea. I said that we should all meet up at our local park for a few hours and play basketball. After everyone agreed to meet there, i ran upstairs and got in the car with my mom and drove to the park. We all arrived at around the same time. We caught up and talked about how our different schools were going and played some king of the court. But since it was still March, the nights got cold so we decided to go home.


Although this story just seems like a trip to the park with some friends, it feels like much more now that I am in quarantine. Looking back going to the park and going to some place public with friends feels like a special occasion and like a one in a lifetime experience. Maybe it’s just me going crazy but I chose to write about this because, I don’t know when I will be able to do things like that again and I am cherishing the memories I have.



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Finn hudson

During my quarantine I also reflected on all of the fun times I had with my friend's. Good story.


I can really relate to this, I also thought that it was well written and the first paragraph set up the rest really nicely. Good job.


I really liked the first paragraph; especially the first sentence of that paragraph. Like Chad said, it sets up the rest of the essay quite well, and I liked how it was written.

Drew Callen

The first paragraph was really good, and I liked how you focused on reflecting on the time you have spent with your friends


This is a wise and profound journal entry that really shows the power of hard times to help us think and act in more perfect ways. It is a nice balance of images and thoughtfulness. A perfect entry!

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