Power of I

A Solitary Walk



              In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks.


In the distance I see a purple-blue cloud that is about to ruin this nice, peaceful and beautiful day. It will tuck the sun away, and cast out a dark,damp and gross mood. So I might as well enjoy the day while it lasts. It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, school had just ended. My mom told me to go outside and get come fresh air. As I slipped on my dirty shoes and headed out, I realized that my dog Hunter was also exited to tag along. I went into the garage and picked out a blue and orange basketball and got to work.


I could hear, smell and see that spring was here. The birds high up in the trees chirping at each other having a conversation, the freshly bloomed flowers that gave off a sweet candy like scent and the bright sunny day with a slight chilling breeze were all indications that spring was here. My plan was to throw the ball off the hot cement have it bounce off the backboard and have my throw it down last second. Of course it took me a few tries, but it looked cool when I finally got it. Up in the sky I could see a red tail hawk stalking it’s prey, looking for a plump mouse to have for lunch. I could hear my neighbors grass being cut, it felt like he was cutting grass all day due to the noise.

Now the reason I’m writing this blog post is not because I saw a hawk, lawnmowers and me dunking. It is because I believe people need to enjoy nature more, and what better time of year than in spring. We spend so much of our day inside looking at a screen and picturing an imaginary world, when all we have to do is take one step outside and enjoy. I also wrote this blog post because it was on the weekly assignment sheet, but that’s besides the point.


Next time you feel bored or anxious, take a few moments and enjoy nature.



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Nice job, I really enjoyed reading this and I can definitely agree that we need to enjoy nature more and get off of our screens sometimes. Great writing!

Will Hatten

I could agree more with this, We spend so much of our day inside looking at a screen and picturing an imaginary world, when all we have to do is take one step outside and enjoy. This tells a tale of everyday life and you put it in the best of words. Good work Andy!

Drew Callen

This essay was a very descriptive piece, which I really liked. Nice job

Kevin Yuan

Nice job. I like how well you described your thoughts.


Good job. I liked your conclusion, and also your second paragraph.

Willie Belle

I liked your conclusion and your descriptiveness.

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