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Memories Made


                       Memories make us~brainy quote

Life without memories is like a car without wheels; it is pointless without being able to look back on the best, most formative parts. Some you want to forget, but those are the most important part, memories are what shape up and impact our decisions.

I’m my case, I have one memory that will always be with me, and influence my decisions. It is one that most kids like me have, but there is a deeper message in my story.

The day was bright with color, you could smell the fresh pollen in the air.  My dad and I both had on matching Hawaiian shirts, with colorful bright blue flowers on them. He was teaching me how to ride a bike on just two wheels. At first, i thought it wouldn’t be possible and that i would immediately crash and hurt myself. The doubts in my head were keeping me from even getting on the bike, but after about 30 minutes of convincing me my dad finally gave me the courage to get on the bike and give it a try. As i climbed up to the top of the bike, i could feel the bike wobbling like a tree in the wind. My dad brought me down to the bottom of the driveway where the ground was level, and told me to stay as steady as possible. The plan was that after he gave me a push i would have to start pedaling to have enough speed. When i heard the word “speed” i felt butterflies in my stomach. Before i had the chance to second guess my decision, i was off. I felt my dad’s hands leave my back as i grew further and further from him. 

This memory has stuck with me through the years, because it taught me to not second guess and doubt myself. My head prevented me from getting up on that bike for years, but once i looked back on it, the only thing that was stopping me was me. 


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