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Pain of chores


  • Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle.


Labor can be hard and painful, but chores are excessive. in my house, chores are considered a part of life. Which I believe is a load of crap. Your house is a place where you get time off from work, not another place where you can take out the trash and clean a table.


It was a late Monday afternoon, probably around three. My mom was driving me home from school after one of the worst, hardest meanest and tiring days of my life. I was so joyfully looking forward to arriving at my house, bolting upstairs and laying on my nice squishy bed. As a daydreamed out the window, I could hear my mom talking to my lifeless body about something. Soon we got to my house, and right before I could even take a step into the house I heard “Andrew could you help me with something.”


After finishing helping my mom bring in the groceries, I thought that I could slip away before she could catch me and make me do more of her pointless work. I was to slow, she caught sight of me walking towards the stairs and stuck like a lion to it prey, I had to go play with the dog outside for thirghty minutes. That meant thirghty more minutes of not sleeping. I threw an old tennis ball to the end of my yard and waited from my dog to bring it back, hoping I wouldn’t pass out due to exhaustion. Thirghty minutes passed and I walked back indoors. I was like a spy trying not to be seen and not to touch any of the seniors, that’s when it happened, I mindlessly stepped on the one creeky stair. My mom instantly head it and called for me to come help make dinner. I had failed the mission, I got caught and now had to pay the price by making dinner.



That night I might of gotten the best night of sleep in the history of history, but that is the only pro that comes with the many cons of doing chores. Many will say that although chores are hard and annoying, they accomplish many tasks so that you don’t have to do them later. But I say that they are just hard and annoying. Chores are just doing other people’s work for them, so they don’t have to do it themselves. Chores might be the most pointless thing ever created.




Hard work can lead to many successful, but they also lead to many failures, chores leads to failure


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Oh, I would love to disagree with this, but I can't argue with what you feel. Chores or something that need to be done, so somebody has to do them, and it makes sense to share the load if somehow you are sharing in the bounty of the community.

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