WW Fenn Reflection
A Solitary Walk

Power of Music


                              Without music, life would be a mistake
                                            ~Friedrich Nietzsche.

     We all need to slip away from our problems and worries in life. One of the most effective ways I do this in my day to day life is through the power of music. Most late evenings seem to be the time I just plug in and escape the stress flowing through my mind. I shut my eyes and imagine myself weightless, flying high in the night sky.

  Sitting in my bed, all alone, from the time of five to ten at night with the lights out. Grinding away at my math homework for the night getting worried about each answer I put down, thinking about review in class tomorrow. After procrastinating long enough, I put on my headphones, lay dow and shut my eyes. The thought of homework leaves my mind, and a world of imagination comes to life. Time flies by when your in peace, I can tell you from experience. But back to work I go but, with a functional, open and calm mindset.

  Listing to music while not doing work can be an effective tool for those who get distracted easily because, it calms you and helps you focus once you get back to work.

Without a desert from reality, we are lost


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