My Poem:

Phantom Regret

By: Jim Carrey 


sit back and unpack

You may be here awhile

Now that all future plans have been postponed

And it's time to look back on the things you thought you owned

Do you remember them well?

Were you crazy or just stoned?

And how many grudges did you take to your grave?

When you weren't liked or followed, how did you behave?

Was it often a dissonant chord you were strumming?

Were you ever in tune with the song life was humming?

If pain's living on when your body's long gone

And your phantom regret hasn't let it go yet

You may not have died in the way that you must

All specters are haunted by their own lack of trust

When you're all out of time, there's nothing but space

No hunting, no gathering

No nations, no race

And Heaven is closer than those tears on your face

When the purple rain falls

We're all bathed in its grace

Heaven's for those who let go of regret

And you have to wait here when you're not all there yet

And if your broken heart's heavy when you step on the scale

You'll be lighter than air when they pull back the veil

Consider the flowers, they don't try to look right

They just open their petals and turn to the light

Are you listening real close?

Heaven's not that, it's this

It's the depth of this moment

You don't reach for bliss

God knows life is chaos

But He made one thing true

You gotta unwind your mind

Train your soul to align

And dance 'til you find that divine boogaloo

In other words

You gotta be Heaven to see Heaven

May peace be with you

Poem Analysis

Accepting your actions will allow you to move on. Letting go of regret makes your life easier. The poems theme of letting go of regret is talked about throughout the entire poem. This piece of literature uses questions to make you think about yourself and regret. It makes connection with death and regret and talks about how there will be a pain if you don’t let go of regret before death. This whole poem has a very obviously main theme of regret that makes you question all possible regrets that you may want to accept before you face your fate. Taking responsibility of regret especially during these dark times will allow more peace within.


I knew I wanted to do this poem when I heard it for the first time two weeks ago. Jim Carrey is a comedian so I expected it to be funny however it is a very Sirius poem that talks about a lot. I chose to do this poem because I though it was a very interesting poem and it made me think differently in a way I don’t normally think about. This poem is about your phantom regret. The poem is supposed to be a self reflection that looks back at the experiences one has had in their body. The soul is you and the body is the thing you control and this poem wants you to remember all the things you did and remember that one thing you regretted doing. The poem wants you to think about the regret and take responsibility for it in order to move on. It talks about realizing the truth and moving on instead of  punishing for the past. At the end it talks a little bit more about heavens and moving on to get there but the main focus of the poem is to tell the listener/reader that they need not move on and let go of regret before they die on their deathbed.

The Power of Preparation

The Power of Preparation 


Studying, “Ed Hiting”, and Commas Rules


“There is no substitute for hard work”

~Thomas Edison


    My English exam experience was interesting compared to my other subjects. The exam preparation started two weeks ago when Fitz assigned a literary reflection for the book Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. One of my habits is getting my work done early so I have more time after to make sure the work is good, so because of this habit I got right to work. I randomly had three study halls on the same day so I finished writing my literary analysis on that day. The next day I found out Fitz was making it part of the exam which meant it wasn’t due for another week. Because I had the literary reflection down I started working on my comma rules and literary analysis. I finished the comma rule packet pretty quickly because I could do it by myself; however, it did take a while to write all the example sentences because there were so many of them. All week long Amir and I were hard at work writing our literary analysis and inserting quotes into our writing. We finished the writing process on Tuesday, so we used the rest of class time to edit our analysis and make the formatting as clean as possible. Most of the work was done for our exam and now all we had to do was study. The studying process was very interesting because it was the one class where I didn’t know exactly what to study. I spent most of my time practicing my comma rules by going over Fitz’s book and writing down example sentences with different combinations of the comma rules to improve my writing and so I’d understand using two rules at once even better. The exam itself was pretty easy as more than half of it was just copying and pasting my already revised sentences and essays that I completed during the week; however, even though most of the work was done before the exam, the microworx and “poopweed” exercise were very annoying but straightforward. I think this was one of the hardest exams to prepare for, but one of the easier ones to take.

Old Man and The Sea Reflection

Simple, but meaningful


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn”

~Dr. Seuss 

    Reading a book is easy, comprehending it is hard. The Old Man and the Sea was a short and easy book to read; however, I had to dig deep to find themes and comprehend the true meaning of the story. This book challenged me to be more engaged and made me think deeper about the book and it’s themes.

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Old Man and The Sea Analysis

~Amir, Parker

Old Man and The Sea



“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.”
~Tom Ford

    In the book, The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway, the main character Santiago goes fishing on a long journey on the water and uses the power of connection to keep him going throughout his adventure. Santiago makes many connections throughout his life and especially while searching for his first big catch in 84 days. He connects not only with his friend Manolin but also with the creatures of the sea. 

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School Letter

Exploring Empathy, Hard Work, and Passion


Dear Admissions Committee,


In my short 14 years of life I’ve experienced very little compared to most of the people on earth, but through my experiences I’ve noticed that the combination of qualities that each individual person contains is what makes them unique. We each have certain characteristics that make us unique but some qualities all people should have. In my experience the qualities that every one should possess are being hard-working, Empathetic, and Passionate.


If you work hard you get results. This isn’t just a saying but a lifestyle that I live by.  I try to live by this lifestyle and apply it to everything I do. When I work hard and do things the right way I get good results because I did not cut corners. Cutting corners might be the faster and easier way to get things done but this can lead to many problems. If you do work the right way you feel more successful and you don’t have to worry about running into problems for short-cutting things. When I get my homework I sit down with my phone nowhere near me so I’m not distracted. I don’t take any breaks when doing an assignment so I can stay focused on my work. I take my time doing the work the right way. This strategy sets up for a good future and is a crucial quality for being successful.


Having empathy shows you are a caring person. Empathy is understanding how someone else might be feeling and I try to have empathy on a daily basis. Hard Work sets me up for personal success but being empathetic benefits both me and other people. Being empathetic helps me be more aware of the people around me and it allows me to make tighter connections and bonds. Having empathy allows me to read the room so when I can tell that someone is having a bad day I can be kind and help them out. Empathy is a great characteristic to have in a social environment.


Being passionate is a great characteristic to stay engaged in your work. My passion for science has allowed me to stay interested and curious during science classes and work. Having passion allows you to stay interested and stay curious even if you're not assigned to researching it for work. When we researched color rays in science I was able to watch more videos after I finished the work because I was passionate about learning it. Being able to be passionate about something allows me to be a more engaged person and an overall better learner.


With these qualities you can become a better learner, more caring person, and a more efficient human being. That is why being hard-working, empathetic, and passionate are so important to improving yourself for the better.




Parker Daniel


Journal Post

Journal Entry #4: Patriots



    The Patriots had a primetime game yesterday on Thursday Night Football. They were facing a not so good Atlanta Falcons team that was  entering the game 4-5. The Patriots faced the Falcons in the 2017 Super Bowl and won. Since then the Falcons have not been so good while the Patriots have won another Super Bowl. This game was important for the Patriots to win because it would keep them in the race for the division. The game started off with New England getting the ball but they quickly turned it over to Atlanta. Atlanta was stopped immediately after by the Patriots defense and punted it back. The Patriots managed to get a field goal but there was no other action in the first quarter. The second quarter was all New England with a touchdown pass from the QB Mac Jones to WR Nelson Agholor and a field goal from Nick Folk leading up to halftime. The third quarter went by fast with not much action from either team, but that set up an amazing fourth quarter. The fourth quarter was all New England defense starting with a diving interception from Devin McCourty, then a long 53-Yard field goal. J.C. Jackson made an amazing toe-tap interception for his 6th of the season with this also leading to another field goal. With less than 2 minutes left in the game and the Patriots winning 19-0 Kyle Van Noy makes a Pick-Six and brings the lead to 26. The game is almost sealed but the Falcons have the ball and throw the fourth pick of the quarter to seal the shutout for New England. The defense played amazing with Kyle Van Noy carrying the defense with 8 tackles and a Pick-Six and M. Judon played great on the defensive line applying pressure on Atlanta’s offense. New England had an amazing defensive game and got the job done.

Journal Entry #6: Biking



I went for a bike ride today from Concord to Lexington. When I was younger I used to hate bike rides and do whatever I could to avoid them, but that was until I found mountain biking. I really got into mountain biking this fall in September when I got a new mountain bike. I didn’t really know much about biking or like it that much but all my friends were begging me to get a mountain bike and go riding with them. So when I got the bike it took a few weeks to get used to it by riding local trails and around my neighborhood. Eventually I found I really liked mountain biking and also liked biking in general. As October came I felt comfortable riding my bike and me and the other kids in the neighborhood wanted to build some jumps. Everyday after I got homework done I would go outside and work on the jumps. After working on the jumps for tens of hours we completed a small course that had big jumps and sharp turns. Building the course made me want to bike more so since then I go out often and bike the course. If I didn’t find mountain biking then I’d still not like biking.


Power of Community

The Power of Community 


The Importance of a Supportive Community


Community is about doing something together that makes belonging matter 

~Brian Solis

    A community relies on itself to support their people through challenges. Fenn has been a supportive community to me since the first day I’ve been at Fenn. When I face challenges and I need help, my community is there to help me overcome those challenges. They provide me with the support I need by motivating me and encouraging me to move forward. They help me reach my personal goals while also helping me reach community goals with others.

   When I need that extra support and help my community is there for me and helps me through all the hard times I face. When I see them around they will always say hi because the community relies on each other to be supportive. They need to be positive to help each other accomplish their own goals while at the same time working together for the goals of the community. When a community works together for a common goal and completes it everyone can feel accomplished with helping reach their goals.

    When I went to the Eaglebrook Junior Soccer Tournament I was nervous and a little scared but when we got to school I was surprised when I saw my friends from school last year show up wearing a suit and ready to support us. They traveled the full two hours and supported us for the whole tournament. They cheered loudly for us and gave us advice on our game and other teams. They didn’t  physically help us with our game but they were there for us being supportive and positive.

     I realized that it didn’t matter what place we came in because we obviously wanted to win, but I realized what mattered was having fun with my teammates and playing our hardest for the community, so that’s what we did and even though we didn’t win we had a lot of fun with support from the community. We didn’t get the result we wanted but we know our community and supporters had our backs.


    I now realize how important it is to have a supportive community no matter what place you finish in

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Poverty and Friendship on the reservation 


Poverty is the worst form of violence
~Mahatma Gandhi

was driving with my mom on the way to get a bagel sandwich and a Jamba Juice smoothie when I entered the store with the $20 my mom gave me. The sign on the store said exact change only and my mom just told me to let them keep the rest of the money as a tip because there were only two of them working to keep the very busy store running. At this moment I realized how fortunate I am to have constant food on the table and know where my next meal was coming from. I realized that the people on the Indian reservation didn’t have that. I realized how bad the poverty was for them but the people on the reservation  can still have good friendships.

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Letter to a friend

Dear … Amir

How’s life Shalabs? I’ve been really busy lately. I have a lot going on in all areas of my life. School has been so chaotic for me. There’s so much work to do and so many different things to learn. My grades are doing well but I need some improvement in spanish. I’m on varsity soccer and I’m kinda sweating at it. I’ve had so much work for school applications and I have the SSAT coming up but enough about me what life for you like? I know you're doing the application process just like me. Is it easy or hard for you? Do you have a top school?


We’re reading this book in school called The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian By: Sherman Alexis. It’s this really cool story about a kid who’s 14 and his life on and off his Indian reservation. He lives on the reservation but goes to school at white school called Reardan high. His best friend for years used to be a kid named Rowdy but since he left the school they haven’t been friends. The main character‘s name is Junior and Arnold at school. He likes this girl named Penelope who goes to her school. That is pretty much what has happened in the book so far.


I have liked the book so far. It is a mostly easy book to read. I like the parts of the book where he talks about the school Junior is at. I think it is pretty interesting how the author uses techniques to write interactions. I think it’s a fun book that I like to read. I can’t wait to figure out what happens next.


One theme of this book is racism. The racism theme is seen throughout the whole book on multiple occasions such as this example about their dentist “our white dentist believed that Indians only felt half as much pain as white people did, so he only gave us half the Novocain.” (Chapter:Black eye of the month club) Another example of racism is when Arnold is in his science class and he corrects the teacher then the teacher said “Okay, Arnold,” Dodge said. “Where did you learn this fact? On the reservation? Yes, we all know there’s so much amazing science on the reservation.”(Chapter:slouching towards thanksgiving) this talks about how the teacher was saying he didn’t learn right because he was on the reservation. My last example of this theme is when he arrived at school for the first time and how the kids viewed him “Those white kids couldn’t believe their eyes. They stared at me like I was Bigfoot or a UFO. What was I doing at Reardan, whose mascot was an Indian” (Chapter:How to fight monsters) this talks about how they viewed him as not a real person.


Amir I hope you understand what has happened in the book and the theme of the book and hopefully you will read it too. I’m interested in what you're up to and we’ll see each other soon.



Parker Daniel

My BIG Impact

My Big Impact

Turning Injury into skill


Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation

~Michael Jordan


        I was four years old and it was only a couple of hours before I turned five. It was Saturday, April 6th, My Birthday! It was 9am and I was in my mom’s blue Toyota suv with my family driving to my birthday party. I was so excited because it was at this really cool bouncy house place. We arrived and put the cake in their fridge for later. I thought my party was going to be fun and then I’d get cake and open presents, but it actually was a party filled with intense pain that helped me learn a new skill.

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