All Quiet Metacognition

Sam Dean

All Quiet Metacognition

The Impact Of A Good Book


    You know a book is good when you are excited to read it. All Quiet On The Western Front was like that for me, I enjoyed the book and it kept me interested. There was lots of suspense and action which I really liked, and I learned a lot from this book. I mostly learned about comradeship and how important it was to these soldiers, and how important it will be for me. Usually I will be extra lazy when it comes to books. I always manage to get distracted and then have to re read a page over and over. Although I could not avoid this, I don’t believe I did it as much because I was interested in this book more than some others. Books that are about war, battling, and violence are not exactly my type of book. It does not have the same effect on my as a war movie would. Except for All Quiet On The Western Front, this for me had a deeper meaning than just war. It was also about how these soldiers pushed through a very hard time with the help of each other. In return, I experienced the power of those around you, and the effect they have on you. This book was better than any other war related book that I have read in my opinion. I took a lot out of this book and I think it was interesting to read about.

Independent Writing May 5th

Sam Dean

The Weekend


    This weekend was fun, but it went by very fast. Last week I had thought about what my weekend would be like for a while, and I knew it would be pretty fun. I started counting days until the weekend until it finally came. On Friday it had been very rainy and my baseball game got cancelled so I had a pretty chill night. On Saturday I woke up happy because I got to sleep in and it was a weekend. I had soccer and baseball games to play that day and I thought it would be pretty busy because I was also trying to get tickets to the new avengers movie that night. For some reason, not sure why, my baseball game got cancelled so I had more options for movie times. I looked at multiple theaters and it was basically sold out at all of them. After a long time of searching for movie times I knew I could not find tickets for Saturday night. Instead, I got some for Sunday morning. Sunday was very fun, I woke up and relaxed for a little, then I went to meet my friends. I picked them up and we went and saw a 10am movie. I really liked the movie so it was worth it watching it in the morning. After the movie, we picked up one more person and went to a paintball party. It was for my friends birthday and I had a lot of fun. I got to hang out with friends as well as playing some intense games of paintball. We finished that up and then I went home. I thought I had to go to my brothers soccer game which was 40 minutes away, but my mom was kind enough to drop me off at home. I got to relax for a little, and now here I am, at 7:15 on a Sunday night writing about my weekend, thinking about how it is already almost over, and now my inspiration for the week is going to be looking forward to the next weekend, and then the next. Soon enough it should be summer, and I would have to worry about weekends, I will have a whole 2 month long weekend. I will most likely not know what day it is for the majority of summer because I will be free to do whatever I want. 

Chapter 6 Essay

Chapter 6 Literary Reflection

The Horrors Of War


I never knew the horrors of war until I truly felt like I was there. All Quiet On The Western Front brought me into the world of war. I never knew what it was actually like to be there, out on the battle field fighting for your county during World War 1. Chapter Six of All Quiet On The Western Front connected me to the characters and their struggles. Towards the end of the chapter, I experienced some of the most descriptive, yet disgusting, writing I have ever read. The injuries that these soldiers had were described horribly well, it creeped me out. When Fitz told us the details of All Quiet On The Western Front I was expecting a book as boring as the Emoji Movie. He gave us a a short overview, one specific thing that I remember is him saying that it is going to be very gory and has many bloody scenes. Let me tell you, Fitz was not wrong. I am not one to get weak at the sight of blood so I knew I could handle this book. I have found this book to be very interesting and Chapter Six has stood out to me as one of the best. It is a pretty long chapter with a lot of battle scenes and has two major themes, comradery and horror.  Chapter Six has taught me a lot about comradery. The soldiers that went out to war always had each others backs, they were even risking their lives to save other soldiers. At home these men may have been strangers to each other, but out on the battlefield they were like brothers, always willing to do what they can to save others. 


“We explain the difference between the fuse-length of the enemy bombs and our own; we put them wise to the sound of gas shells;—show them all the tricks that can save them from death.”


Going into this project I had no idea what it was remotely like to be at war, fighting for your country with people you don’t even know. Chapter six summed up for me the good and the bad of war. Although there really is no good side to war, I learned about the comradeship between the soldiers and horrors of war.

Scary Movie Night


Sam Dean

Memories With Friends



Friends are always ready for a good time

Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are there



Good friends always manage to keep me away from boredom. Sometimes best friends can be family, one of my best friends is my cousin Griffin. Griffin and me are always there for each other, but on a less serious note, we sure know how to have a good time. We are are like two peas in a pod, we have a very similar personality and sense of humor. We are like the perfect joke creators when around each other. It was this weekend, Easter weekend. The whole family was at our family house in New Hampshire so we could keep our tradition of celebrating Easter together. Right from the moment when I arrived and saw my cousins and family I knew this was going to be an awesome weekend. After greeting my family, I went around and looked for Griffin who is one of my cousins. He was at what we call the dog house, it is basically a smaller house across the driveway from the main house. I saw him and ran over and said hi. We went to the main house and started to mess around. This weekend was going to be great. After many hours of messing around, telling jokes, painting eggs, playing outside, and having fun it started to get late. We went up into the loft And chilled for a long time, messing around and laughing so much my stomach started hurting. As it got really late and most people were asleep we went into our room. We were not tired so we decided we would do something. We wanted to watch a scary movie and we chose to watch IT. We couldn’t find the movie anywhere for free so we decided to go on YouTube and watch these scary short films, like very short movies. After the first one, we started getting a little creeped out and we got a little scared because we were in the bottom bunk of a bunk bed in the corner of a very dark room. We made a fort by attaching blankets to the corners of the bunk and had our own little capsule. We watched countless amounts of those scary videos. It started to get very late and we were tired. We put a show on his computer and laid there half asleep. I noticed that Griffin was asleep so I closed the computer and went over to my bed. That was a very good night. This whole weekend was amazing. On Sunday, after the scary movie night, we had Easter egg hunts and ate a whole lot of candy. I had so much fun. I wish times like these could last forever, but they can’t. This weekend I laughed so much that I might be all out of laughs for the week. As expected, we all had to leave eventually and parted ways back to our homes. This weekend was so much fun and I shared some great moments with one of my best friends who happens to also be my cousin. Although I did not get much sleep and am now very tired because of it, it was all worth it in the end. I always look forward to family weekends in New Hampshire for moments like these. I have made some great memories with my friends and it is important to spend time with them. Sometimes it can take my mind off the struggles in life.

Ideas For The Discussion

Ideas For The Discussion

What I would really enjoy to do is to talk about something recent, like talk about our weekends and what we are going to do this weekend, or have some good conversations while playing skat, however, I am afraid those options might not be possible. If we are going to talk about the book, I would like to talk about the differences we have found when Paul is at war compared to when he is on his leave and is back at home. I want to talk about how things are so different for all those soldiers and why it is nothing like their normal lives. I look forward to class and hope that this conversations will go in the skat direction, but if not I am ready to talk about chapter 7.


Sam Dean

Chapter 4 Group Analysis

Group Reflection On Chapter Four

By Parker, Sam, and Denny

0C91AF1A-D132-4BB3-BBDE-761FAA4CA90CGrief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of  joy you must have somebody to divide it with.”

Everybody deals with pain and loss, it is those around us that give us comfort. In the book, All Quiet On The Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, the soldiers face a lot of pain and loss during the war. They have to be there for each other and look out for one another. In the story there are a multitude of moments where someone needs help and receives it. There are also a few moments where someone is in pain and someone supports them and tries to help. It was on the battlefield, bomb shells were flying and soldiers were dying left and right. There were men scrambling for their lives, running towards shell holes and jumping in them, after all, a bomb never hits the same spot twice.  The explosions and gun fire were lessening as injured soldiers laid down in shelters. All of a sudden there was something, not bombs or gun fire “GAAAS- GAS” soldiers shouted from alI angles.

“I look at Kat desperately, he has his mask on—I pull out mine, too, my helmet falls to one side, it slips over my face, I reach the man, his satchel is on the side nearest me, I seize the mask, pull it over his head, he understands, I let go and with a jump drop into the shell-hole.”

They were in the middle of a war. He could have just left the guy there and not help him, but instead he went out of his way to help out his comrade and put a gas mask on him. There are so many soldiers dying that they could have the attitude of just being like “this one guys life doesn’t matter, I don’t need to help him” but obviously he decided to help out. On the battlefield everyone is treated like family. Even if they are not friends, they would defend each other like brothers. So far, this book has displayed a lot of comradeship and showed us how important it is during battle.


I am glad I got to do this project with Denny and Parker. I am close friends with both of them so it went smoothly. We started off talking a little bit about what the theme was going to be and what we were going to write about. It did not take too long to come to a decision that we would write about loss and comradeship. It seemed to be a bit of a problem for us to divide the work quickly, but that was an obstacle we had to overcome. We consulted about what each section would be about and then did all the writing. From there everything went very smoothly. Parker put all the writing into type pad and we edited it. This assignment was fun and I enjoyed doing it. I hope to also do more assignments similar to this because it is a good teamwork and writing activity.

All Quiet On The Western Front Socratic Ideas

Sam Dean

All Quiet On The Western front Socratic Ideas


Tough times never last, but tough people do”

-Robert H. Schuller

    During our Socratic seminar on chapter three, I would like to discuss what happens behind the scenes during that war. The author tells us a lot about all sorts of games these soldiers play and jokes and pranks these soldiers make, they seem to make war much more fun then it seems (besides the fighting part). In chapter three, I believe it is mentioned a little bit about the older soldiers who know more about what they were doing teasing and messing with the “infants” who were really only two years younger than them. I find the adventures of these soldiers interesting and a little funny (again besides the death and fighting parts). There are many funny parts to this story, but there is also some very brutal parts to it. I would like to talk about those funny and messing around parts and how the soldiers use them to avoid thinking about the very bad parts. Some of those times would be when their friend would be dying right in front of them which was mentioned in the book. “It grows dark. Kemmerich’s face changes colour, it lifts from the pillow and is so pale that it gleams. The mouth moves slightly. I draw near to him. He whispers: “If you find my watch, send it home——.” This is one of the moments when a friend (or in even better words a comrade) is dying. This explains the sadness to the war. I have learned that those soldiers have managed to find happiness during hard times and that is what I would like to talk about during class.

Choices Podcast




Sam Dean


Choices are the wheel that turn our lives in different directions; however, not all of them are for the better. With life comes choices we need to make, and with choices comes chance; there’s always a chance that these choices we make can change out lives for the worse.


Personally I am an indecisive being; there is an upcoming choice I must make which will change the course of the next few years of my life. The end of my Fenn career is nearing and I am about to hear back from high schools; it is only a few days away in fact. The moment is coming and I have three options: Belmont Hill, Rivers, and Fenn 9th. It is not certain that those three options will stay.


I have made the choices to apply to Rivers and Belmont hill. I liked the community at Rivers and made the decision to apply there. For me, Belmont hill is familiar, when I step on the campus it feels like I am right at home. I have never been a student there, but it feels like I am a part of the community already.  I have not made the choice yet, but the choices are fluttering in the back of my head like a swarm of thoughts.


This choice is not going to change my life forever; It will not make or break me; however, it will be the decision that will hopefully guide me in the right direction in life. 


There are so many choices that only I have the power to make, choices that can change my life in an instant. The choices I make form the person I am. I am thankful to have my family help me with these choices, but in life, as I get older, there will be times when I need to take control and make these choices for myself.

Peace Trimeter



Daytime is full of peace (a)

Theres ripples on the lake (b)

Birds hop from tree to tree(a)

The trees then start to shake(b)


The leaves fall to the ground  (c)

Keep calm and close your eyes (d)

Don’t let your peace get drowned(c)

For calmness is the prize (d)


Holding on to your peace (e)

For soon it goes away (f)

Get warm inside your fleece (e)

Cause gone away’s the day(f)


Those creatures we do dread(g)

It’s time to go inside (h)

dreams fill inside your head (g)

Get ready for a ride (h)




This assignment was definitely a challenge, I spent an hour on it and it was hard for me to find the right words again. I have been having some trouble with pages recently, I thought my whole piece had deleted, but apparently I scrolled passed it a couple times. I wrote almost half of a tetreameter on accident and then figured out I didn’t even delete it. I have been making many mistakes recently. Anyways I have been having challenges with this assignment, but I also enjoy writing these poems.Iambic

Iambic Dimeters



School is not bad (a)

but it is tough(b)

If Fitz is mad(a)

That can get rough(b)


Class is so long(c)

It takes a while(d)

Do something wrong(c)

Fitz will not smile(d)





This Iambic dimeter took a while to think of, especially the second stanza. The words didn’t rhyme very well with any other word on the same topic which made it hard. I finally found out some words that worked out and completed this. It was a challenge but was also fun.




New Gym


Fitz leads us down (a)

To the new gym (b)

Us children frown(a)

Our faces grim(b)



We get less sad(c)

And pick up balls(d)

Then Fitz got mad(c)

Screams shouts and calls(d)




I was a little upset after figuring out that I had done the entire assignment wrong. I had messed up the syllables, but messing up is a part of life. I got right to my ipad and started writing. Eventually this image came into my head and I turned it into a poem. I am starting to like iambic dimeters though.