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Sam Dean


Choices are the wheel that turn our lives in different directions; however, not all of them are for the better. With life comes choices we need to make, and with choices comes chance; there’s always a chance that these choices we make can change out lives for the worse.


Personally I am an indecisive being; there is an upcoming choice I must make which will change the course of the next few years of my life. The end of my Fenn career is nearing and I am about to hear back from high schools; it is only a few days away in fact. The moment is coming and I have three options: Belmont Hill, Rivers, and Fenn 9th. It is not certain that those three options will stay.


I have made the choices to apply to Rivers and Belmont hill. I liked the community at Rivers and made the decision to apply there. For me, Belmont hill is familiar, when I step on the campus it feels like I am right at home. I have never been a student there, but it feels like I am a part of the community already.  I have not made the choice yet, but the choices are fluttering in the back of my head like a swarm of thoughts.


This choice is not going to change my life forever; It will not make or break me; however, it will be the decision that will hopefully guide me in the right direction in life. 


There are so many choices that only I have the power to make, choices that can change my life in an instant. The choices I make form the person I am. I am thankful to have my family help me with these choices, but in life, as I get older, there will be times when I need to take control and make these choices for myself.

Peace Trimeter



Daytime is full of peace (a)

Theres ripples on the lake (b)

Birds hop from tree to tree(a)

The trees then start to shake(b)


The leaves fall to the ground  (c)

Keep calm and close your eyes (d)

Don’t let your peace get drowned(c)

For calmness is the prize (d)


Holding on to your peace (e)

For soon it goes away (f)

Get warm inside your fleece (e)

Cause gone away’s the day(f)


Those creatures we do dread(g)

It’s time to go inside (h)

dreams fill inside your head (g)

Get ready for a ride (h)




This assignment was definitely a challenge, I spent an hour on it and it was hard for me to find the right words again. I have been having some trouble with pages recently, I thought my whole piece had deleted, but apparently I scrolled passed it a couple times. I wrote almost half of a tetreameter on accident and then figured out I didn’t even delete it. I have been making many mistakes recently. Anyways I have been having challenges with this assignment, but I also enjoy writing these poems.Iambic

Iambic Dimeters



School is not bad (a)

but it is tough(b)

If Fitz is mad(a)

That can get rough(b)


Class is so long(c)

It takes a while(d)

Do something wrong(c)

Fitz will not smile(d)





This Iambic dimeter took a while to think of, especially the second stanza. The words didn’t rhyme very well with any other word on the same topic which made it hard. I finally found out some words that worked out and completed this. It was a challenge but was also fun.




New Gym


Fitz leads us down (a)

To the new gym (b)

Us children frown(a)

Our faces grim(b)



We get less sad(c)

And pick up balls(d)

Then Fitz got mad(c)

Screams shouts and calls(d)




I was a little upset after figuring out that I had done the entire assignment wrong. I had messed up the syllables, but messing up is a part of life. I got right to my ipad and started writing. Eventually this image came into my head and I turned it into a poem. I am starting to like iambic dimeters though.

Why Music Is Important To Me

The Importance Of Music In My Life

Everyone can relate to music


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain

-Bob Marley

    When I can’t focus and when I am stressed out, music helps me calm down. Sometimes when I can’t focus on my homework or a task, I use music to help me focus and get my work done. I use music to cheer me up, it can change my spirit and helps me to calm down. It also helps me get pumped up for sports games. I play music on my way to sports games and it gets me ready to play hard. During my time on Fenn sports teams I have had many away games, during the bus rides to the other schools I would listen to music to get me pumped up. Music benefits me and others in many ways and I am glad that I have it in my life. I listen to music all the time. I even start my own playlists for different purposes. For example, I have game day playlists for when I have sports games, and also ones to relax with more chill music. Overall music plays a big role in helping me relax, make my day better, or help me get ready for sports games. Music brings cultures together for some people and helps many people get through the day. Music is a part of almost everyone’s life, we get to enjoy it and it brings us together. I love listening to music and it helps me in my everyday life. Music is very important to me and many others around the world.

Why I Chose Gallows Pole For WW Fenn

Why I Chose Gallows Pole

21811D35-DE08-477E-98B5-0BA48B2E8CEAThere are only two types of speakers in the world: the nervous and the liars

-Mark Twain


   With life there is always challenges we need to overcome. The Gallows Pole appealed to me as a challenge that will also be fun. The story behind the poem is very interesting and I liked it the most out of all of the pieces I saw. I can see that this is going to be a challenge for me, but the fact that I really like this story will make it easier for me. I will have to test my patience with this assignment and not give up on memorizing it. I opened up the website that Fitz included in his week in review, in the website I discovered multiple different options for WWFenn speeches. It was a well designed website so it was not too hard to navigate. I clicked through almost every speech, and still had not found the right one for me. Finally, I opened up the Gallows Pole, I was not expecting much of it because of the name, I thought it would be some old and boring poem. It turns out I was wrong. It really does turn out that the harder you work, the greater your reward. I turned down many poems just so I could find the right one for me. Eventually after a lot of searching I found the right one for me. Gallows Pole captivated me within the story behind it and I got very interested. I knew that this one was right for me. This assignment will be a challenge, but I have done it before so I know what to expect. I feel grateful to have come across this poem because I think it is really neat and interesting. I think this is a pretty cool and challenging project and I am ready to go in front of the class and give it my best.


Gallows Pole

Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
Think I see my friends coming,
Riding a many mile.
Friends, did you get some silver?
Did you get a little gold?
What did you bring me, my dear friends,
To keep me from the Gallows Pole?
What did you bring me to keep me from the Gallows Pole?

I couldn't get no silver, I couldn't get no gold,
You know that we're too damn poor to keep you from the Gallows Pole.
Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
I think I see my brother coming, riding a many mile.
Brother, did you get me some silver?
Did you get a little gold?
What did you bring me, my brother,
To keep me from the Gallows Pole?

Brother, I brought you some silver,
I brought a little gold, I brought a little of everything
To keep you from the Gallows Pole.
Yes, I brought you to keep you from the Gallows Pole.

Hangman, hangman, turn your head awhile,
I think I see my sister coming, riding a many mile, mile, mile.
Sister, I implore you, take him by the hand,
Take him to some shady bower, save me from the wrath of this man,
Please take him, save me from the wrath of this man, man.

Hangman, hangman, upon your face a smile,
Pray tell me that I'm free to ride,
Ride for many mile, mile, mile.

Oh, yes, you got a fine sister,
She warmed my blood from cold,
Brought my blood to boiling hot
To keep you from the Gallows Pole,
Your brother brought me silver,
Your sister warmed my soul,
But now I laugh and pull so hard
And see you swinging on the Gallows Pole
Swingin' on the gallows pole!

The Hobbit Literary Paragraph 2

Sam Dean

A Literary Reflection On The Hobbit

The experience of a classic book


"That's the thing about books, they let you travel without moving your feet"

-Jhumpa Lahiri


    Even if something does not excite you, give it a try. The Hobbit helped me clear my mind and not worry about anything. I got to relax and enjoy a book that I though was very interesting. 


   The Hobbit took me on a journey that helped me relax, sometimes I lost track of time, and this book helped me do something I do not get to do very often, it helped me ignore every other thing around me, and have only one focus, myself and the book. I took this assignment on as a challenge, but it was not as bad as I thought. When Fitz told me I had to read a classic book for the next month I was not very excited, my expectations for this assignment were low. I’m glad I found a book that was interesting to me, or else this assignment would be pretty boring. The Hobbit had lots of exciting moments and it was a book full of action and adventure. I always enjoyed The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies so I was sure this book was going to be a good one... I was right.


The experience of reading a classic book was the one thing that kept my mind calm during the day. Just because it is called a classic does not mean it is an old, boring book that will bore you to death. The book engaged me in the adventures of Bilbo Baggins; it felt like I was in another world. Before this challenge, I was not sure what a classic book was actually like. I thought it was a boring book, but now I realized that it has to be a good book, it is a classic because so many people love it and have loved it for many years. This assignment changed my point of view on books. I will remember to take the opportunities to read a good book that I can, and I would recommend for anyone to read a classic book

The Hobbit Literary Paragraph 1

Sam Dean


The Hobbit Literary Paragraph

The Power Of a Classic



“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say”

-Italy Calvino


    I never understood how a book can have an effect on someone,  but now I understand. The Hobbit has opened my eyes to the world of books, I understand now that a book can take me places and suck me into its own world, I am starting to feel the power of a book. Reading about the journeys of Bilbo Baggins has kept me more interested in a book than ever. The author, J.R.R Tolkien, managed to suck me into his own world, and I am captivated by the adventures of Bilbo and his friends. It took me a while to decide what book to read, I knew it had to be a classic, and I was not yet sure what book would keep me interested. I knew for sure that I did not want a book that would make it seem like torture to read; although it would have to be a very bad book for it to be like that. I wanted a book of adventure, and I narrowed it down to The Hobbit and The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn. The one reason that made be lean towards The Hobbit, is that I thought Huck Finn would be too similar to The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer; Eventually, that decision payed off. I have never been as interested in a book as I am now; as a result, I now know what a classic book is really like, and the adventures it can take me on; subsequently, If I get an opportunity to read another classic, I will not turn down that chance. I was not confident that a classic book could really keep me interested; however, The Hobbit has changed that. This book has opened my eyes to more opportunities to read classics. I am very glad I had the opportunity to read this book for school and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good classic book.

A Weekend Full Of Skiing

A Weekend Spent Skiing

My first time skiing at Stowe


   I got picked up from school and drove directly to my family house in NewHampshire, during the ride my brain was filled with thoughts of skiing in fresh powder through the woods at Stowe mountain.

    On Saturday morning I woke up very early, it was sometime around 7am and I was so tired and had absolutely zero motivation to ski at the moment. The ride over to Mount Sunapee woke me up and soon enough, I was cruising down a GS course on the Lynx trail with my friends. During the many chairlift rides up the mountain I took, there was a lot of conversation about all the snow we are getting this weekend. I’m not sure exactly how much, but I heard from multiple people different stories about how we are getting 8-12 or 18 inches of snow; I knew this weekend was going to be a fun one.

     After skiing we took a fairly long drive to Stowe. We arrived at the place we were staying and I was surprised at how cozy and nice it was. That night we sat by the fire, talked, and watched the snow fall outside. Sunday was game time, for the Pats and for me. I walked out the door and skied down to the chairlift using a little path from the place we stayed to the trails. It turns out that the chairlift we were right next to was the longest and slowest chairlift I had ever been on, it took a long time. Some time had passed and I had some time to get back into the powder skiing groove. It was me, my uncle, and my brother and we got off one of the chairlifts and went staight down into a double black diamond called Goat (I think that is what it was called). It was super fun, I loved skiing through the woods especially when the snow is up to my knees. We took many more runs after that and had one slight problem during the trip, my goggles kept icing up every now and then, which also occurred to other people in my group, so I had to stop and clear them up every once and a while.

     That day of skiing was definitely the highlight of my weekend and I had so much fun at Stowe, I hope I get to go back to Stowe some time soon because the skiing was great. Also, another bit of information that I thought would be necessary to share; THE PATS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!! 

Does Pineapple Really Belong On Pizza

Sam Dean


Does pineapple belong on pizza


“If you never did you should, these things are fun and fun is good”

- Dr. Seuss

Recently, many people have been contradicting the idea that pineapple belongs on pizza. There has been a debate on what does and what does not belong as a topping on pizza. I think that you can put almost any edible thing on top of pizza and it is still an ok topping. You can put anything you want on pizza and call it a topping because you are just adding on to the pizza by putting something on top. I can add a pizza on top of a pizza and it still is called a topping, it is a pizza with a topping of pizza. Just because some people think that pineapple “doesn’t belong” on pizza, doesn’t mean that they are right. You can put anything on pizza, even if people say it isn’t a thing, and make it a thing. This doesn’t just apply to pizza. You can do it with anything you want. If there is something that you think would be cool, but others say it isn’t a thing, just make it a thing, do it your own way if you want. We are free to try all these cool things, just try something new. If something has not been tried yet or people say it’s not a thing, try it, and make it a thing.