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The Biggest Fortnite Event

The Fortnite Tournament


I try to win every tournament

-Karrie Webb

    The constant arguing over the group chat gave me a headache reading message after message about the teams of our tournament. The biggest event in Fortnite history among the Fenn students, the showdown, the main event in which the most worthy and skilled team will rise above the rest as champion.


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JV Soccer At Fenn

The Most Fun Sports Team At Fenn


“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning”


The whole Fenn JV soccer team is on the edge of their seats as the Fenn players race down the field going for the first goal of the season, the chemistry is off the charts because its a team of all eighth graders who have recently been brought even closer together from the Windsor Mountain trip. The ball soars down the field and small skinny kid by the name of Johnny Drapeau puts the ball in the net for the first goal of the season. 


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Windsor Mountain Trip

Windsor Mountain Adventures


“Jobs fill your pockets but, advetures fill your soul” -Jaime Lyn

Creeeeek! The old cabin door screeches open and eight kids rush in to see our new home. The hardwood floor is scattered with dirty footprints from the kids trampling over each other to get to their bunk beds first. The beds are sturdy but make a lot of noise, even moving on your side will make enough noise to wake someone up. I knew, that this was going to be an interesting trip, packed with craziness and loads of fun. Windsor was a place where we all came together as brothers, many of us shared some personal and serious information with all of us and no matter what happened we all showed respect for each other.



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The Importance of Sports at Fenn


The Sports Experience at Fenn    


Teamwork divides the tasks, and multiplies the success”

Author Unknown


Whoosh! The soccer ball flys down the turf field, and 2 kids are racing to see who will get to it first. The boy from Fay, which is our rival school, sprints harder than ever in an effort to get the ball, but the Fenn boy is just too quick. The boy from Fenn takes one dribble and rips the ball right past the goalies finger tips. The whole team crowds around jumping in excitement as the moment will go down in Fenn history.

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No Homework!


Why We Shouldn’t Have Homework


 “Success is doing what you want to do, When you want,Where you want,With whom you want,As much as you want”

-Anthony Robbins


 Without homework kids of all ages would be able to get outside and enjoy life without any homework to bring them bundles of stress. What if instead of having to write a 1,000 word essay about your favorite thing to do it would be a good idea if we could actually go and do those things. Especially for us 8th graders worrying about SSAT’s and applying for different schools, it would be a little easier for us if we did not have to torture ourselves through how to use the Pythagorean Theorem on 3D triangles and find out the volume and surface area of the triangle at home while we also have to deal with other things like sports and outside of school commitments.   

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