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Why Music Is Important To Me

The Importance Of Music In My Life

Everyone can relate to music


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain

-Bob Marley

    When I can’t focus and when I am stressed out, music helps me calm down. Sometimes when I can’t focus on my homework or a task, I use music to help me focus and get my work done. I use music to cheer me up, it can change my spirit and helps me to calm down. It also helps me get pumped up for sports games. I play music on my way to sports games and it gets me ready to play hard. During my time on Fenn sports teams I have had many away games, during the bus rides to the other schools I would listen to music to get me pumped up. Music benefits me and others in many ways and I am glad that I have it in my life. I listen to music all the time. I even start my own playlists for different purposes. For example, I have game day playlists for when I have sports games, and also ones to relax with more chill music. Overall music plays a big role in helping me relax, make my day better, or help me get ready for sports games. Music brings cultures together for some people and helps many people get through the day. Music is a part of almost everyone’s life, we get to enjoy it and it brings us together. I love listening to music and it helps me in my everyday life. Music is very important to me and many others around the world.