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Choices Podcast




Sam Dean


Choices are the wheel that turn our lives in different directions; however, not all of them are for the better. With life comes choices we need to make, and with choices comes chance; there’s always a chance that these choices we make can change out lives for the worse.


Personally I am an indecisive being; there is an upcoming choice I must make which will change the course of the next few years of my life. The end of my Fenn career is nearing and I am about to hear back from high schools; it is only a few days away in fact. The moment is coming and I have three options: Belmont Hill, Rivers, and Fenn 9th. It is not certain that those three options will stay.


I have made the choices to apply to Rivers and Belmont hill. I liked the community at Rivers and made the decision to apply there. For me, Belmont hill is familiar, when I step on the campus it feels like I am right at home. I have never been a student there, but it feels like I am a part of the community already.  I have not made the choice yet, but the choices are fluttering in the back of my head like a swarm of thoughts.


This choice is not going to change my life forever; It will not make or break me; however, it will be the decision that will hopefully guide me in the right direction in life. 


There are so many choices that only I have the power to make, choices that can change my life in an instant. The choices I make form the person I am. I am thankful to have my family help me with these choices, but in life, as I get older, there will be times when I need to take control and make these choices for myself.