Why Music Is Important To Me
Peace Trimeter

Iambic Dimeters



School is not bad (a)

but it is tough(b)

If Fitz is mad(a)

That can get rough(b)


Class is so long(c)

It takes a while(d)

Do something wrong(c)

Fitz will not smile(d)





This Iambic dimeter took a while to think of, especially the second stanza. The words didn’t rhyme very well with any other word on the same topic which made it hard. I finally found out some words that worked out and completed this. It was a challenge but was also fun.




New Gym


Fitz leads us down (a)

To the new gym (b)

Us children frown(a)

Our faces grim(b)



We get less sad(c)

And pick up balls(d)

Then Fitz got mad(c)

Screams shouts and calls(d)




I was a little upset after figuring out that I had done the entire assignment wrong. I had messed up the syllables, but messing up is a part of life. I got right to my ipad and started writing. Eventually this image came into my head and I turned it into a poem. I am starting to like iambic dimeters though.