Iambic Dimeters
Choices Podcast

Peace Trimeter



Daytime is full of peace (a)

Theres ripples on the lake (b)

Birds hop from tree to tree(a)

The trees then start to shake(b)


The leaves fall to the ground  (c)

Keep calm and close your eyes (d)

Don’t let your peace get drowned(c)

For calmness is the prize (d)


Holding on to your peace (e)

For soon it goes away (f)

Get warm inside your fleece (e)

Cause gone away’s the day(f)


Those creatures we do dread(g)

It’s time to go inside (h)

dreams fill inside your head (g)

Get ready for a ride (h)




This assignment was definitely a challenge, I spent an hour on it and it was hard for me to find the right words again. I have been having some trouble with pages recently, I thought my whole piece had deleted, but apparently I scrolled passed it a couple times. I wrote almost half of a tetreameter on accident and then figured out I didn’t even delete it. I have been making many mistakes recently. Anyways I have been having challenges with this assignment, but I also enjoy writing these poems.Iambic