Scary Movie Night
Independent Writing May 5th

Chapter 6 Essay

Chapter 6 Literary Reflection

The Horrors Of War


I never knew the horrors of war until I truly felt like I was there. All Quiet On The Western Front brought me into the world of war. I never knew what it was actually like to be there, out on the battle field fighting for your county during World War 1. Chapter Six of All Quiet On The Western Front connected me to the characters and their struggles. Towards the end of the chapter, I experienced some of the most descriptive, yet disgusting, writing I have ever read. The injuries that these soldiers had were described horribly well, it creeped me out. When Fitz told us the details of All Quiet On The Western Front I was expecting a book as boring as the Emoji Movie. He gave us a a short overview, one specific thing that I remember is him saying that it is going to be very gory and has many bloody scenes. Let me tell you, Fitz was not wrong. I am not one to get weak at the sight of blood so I knew I could handle this book. I have found this book to be very interesting and Chapter Six has stood out to me as one of the best. It is a pretty long chapter with a lot of battle scenes and has two major themes, comradery and horror.  Chapter Six has taught me a lot about comradery. The soldiers that went out to war always had each others backs, they were even risking their lives to save other soldiers. At home these men may have been strangers to each other, but out on the battlefield they were like brothers, always willing to do what they can to save others. 


“We explain the difference between the fuse-length of the enemy bombs and our own; we put them wise to the sound of gas shells;—show them all the tricks that can save them from death.”


Going into this project I had no idea what it was remotely like to be at war, fighting for your country with people you don’t even know. Chapter six summed up for me the good and the bad of war. Although there really is no good side to war, I learned about the comradeship between the soldiers and horrors of war.