Independent Writing May 5th
Final Exam Literary Analysis

All Quiet Metacognition

Sam Dean

All Quiet Metacognition

The Impact Of A Good Book


    You know a book is good when you are excited to read it. All Quiet On The Western Front was like that for me, I enjoyed the book and it kept me interested. There was lots of suspense and action which I really liked, and I learned a lot from this book. I mostly learned about comradeship and how important it was to these soldiers, and how important it will be for me. Usually I will be extra lazy when it comes to books. I always manage to get distracted and then have to re read a page over and over. Although I could not avoid this, I don’t believe I did it as much because I was interested in this book more than some others. Books that are about war, battling, and violence are not exactly my type of book. It does not have the same effect on my as a war movie would. Except for All Quiet On The Western Front, this for me had a deeper meaning than just war. It was also about how these soldiers pushed through a very hard time with the help of each other. In return, I experienced the power of those around you, and the effect they have on you. This book was better than any other war related book that I have read in my opinion. I took a lot out of this book and I think it was interesting to read about.