Final Exam Literary Analysis

Final Exam Narrative Paragraph

Fitz’s Wisdom

Life lessons from a wise man



"Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned"

-Frank Sonnenberg

    Fitz always has something to say, and its a good idea to listen. He is one of the teachers that I am closest to, for he teaches me important lessons in life. If there is something you need help with, or if you hit a roadblock in life, Fitz is the man to go to. He has a lot to share about life, and seems to know everything there is to know about it. Sitting around the table in Fitz english class is not just a part of a class, it is an experience. Fitz always has something to say about life, he can turn a simple conversation into a random life lesson. He always says short phrases which make absolutely no sense, yet somehow make total sense at the same time. “Give me a pebble and I will show you the universe, show me the universe and I will give you a pebble.” Fitz is one of the wisest people I know, in fact he probably is the wisest man I know. I remember it being one of the first classes of the year, we all sat around the big round table and started talking. Eventually a problem came up and someone did not know how to do something, that is the first time that I heard the phrase “give a damn and figure it out.” Whenever I run into a problem in life, that phrase sticks in my head and helps me get through it. Fitz has shown me wisdom and life lessons which I will keep in my head for as long as my brain can hold them. If I sat down with Fitz for a few hours I bet he could sing me 100 songs and give me hundreds of life lessons, all of which would be helpful. Fitz has made my eighth grade year better with his humor and his wisdom, I always look forward to english class, because he has turned it into one of my favorites.  Fitz lessons have made a difference in my life, and if I keep them stored in my memory, they could make a difference in my future.