Chapter 6 Essay
All Quiet Metacognition

Independent Writing May 5th

Sam Dean

The Weekend


    This weekend was fun, but it went by very fast. Last week I had thought about what my weekend would be like for a while, and I knew it would be pretty fun. I started counting days until the weekend until it finally came. On Friday it had been very rainy and my baseball game got cancelled so I had a pretty chill night. On Saturday I woke up happy because I got to sleep in and it was a weekend. I had soccer and baseball games to play that day and I thought it would be pretty busy because I was also trying to get tickets to the new avengers movie that night. For some reason, not sure why, my baseball game got cancelled so I had more options for movie times. I looked at multiple theaters and it was basically sold out at all of them. After a long time of searching for movie times I knew I could not find tickets for Saturday night. Instead, I got some for Sunday morning. Sunday was very fun, I woke up and relaxed for a little, then I went to meet my friends. I picked them up and we went and saw a 10am movie. I really liked the movie so it was worth it watching it in the morning. After the movie, we picked up one more person and went to a paintball party. It was for my friends birthday and I had a lot of fun. I got to hang out with friends as well as playing some intense games of paintball. We finished that up and then I went home. I thought I had to go to my brothers soccer game which was 40 minutes away, but my mom was kind enough to drop me off at home. I got to relax for a little, and now here I am, at 7:15 on a Sunday night writing about my weekend, thinking about how it is already almost over, and now my inspiration for the week is going to be looking forward to the next weekend, and then the next. Soon enough it should be summer, and I would have to worry about weekends, I will have a whole 2 month long weekend. I will most likely not know what day it is for the majority of summer because I will be free to do whatever I want.