Camp Belknap Essay
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Belmont Hill Homecoming Freewrite


Freewrite about my day at Belmont Hill



A Saturday spent watching sports with a friend


    Friday night, September 27th, I sat in my basement exercising my thumbs on some Fortnite thinking about what my day would be like on Saturday. On Saturday Belmont Hill was having their homecoming, I thought that this would be pretty fun, So I decided to go. At homecoming there were fun things to do: The varsity soccer team had a game against Tabor, the varsity football team had a game against Roxbury Latin, and there would be food and fun activities to do. This did sound like a fun thing to do on Saturday, but I knew that there was one thing that would make this better: bringing a friend. 


I arrived at Belmont hill a little after 12, I took a good look around and thought: this might as well be the lamest homecoming ever, there is barely anyone here and nothing to do yet. I wandered inside and realized that there actually were people here. Inside there was mini golf, and some bouncy houses; neither of which I ended up doing. Fast forward to 1:15, much more people had started arriving and the varsity soccer game just started. The soccer games are always very interesting and fun to watch, but a lot of my attention kept getting dragged to the parking lot, each time I glanced over I hoped to see my friend walking towards me. That is when the real fun would begin. Sometime around 1:45, my friend Parker and I would have been up in a balcony. Switching between watching the soccer game and the football game while munching on some food. The soccer game came to an end, Belmont Hill had won the game, and now we watched football. The rest of our time at Belmont Hill was spent walking around, watching football, and eating food. All of those things I enjoyed. Although my descriptions did not make it seem like Homecoming was very fun, I had a great time with Parker, laughing and watching sports. 


I am glad to have gone to see the games and spend some time with my friend, It was worth it. Spending time with people you like to be around, and doing things you like to do is always worth it.