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9th Grade Year Improvement Writing

The Power Of Hard Times

The Power of Hard Times

Hard Times Allow Us To Bounce Back Stronger



  Be thankful for hard times, for they have made you

~Leonardo Dicaprio


  Everyone experiences hard times, that's how we learn. I have been through hard times, but each hard time comes with a lesson which I use to learn and grow.  Hard times can take shape in many different ways. It could be when you lose a sports game or get a bad grade on an assignment. The Varsity soccer team fought hard in our game against St. Sebastians, but we let our guard down too soon. We made the mistake of getting ahead of ourselves, and not playing hard until the last whistle. We got up 3-0 by the end of the first half. As the second half started we thought we had this game in the bag, but we let our guard down too soon. St. Sebastian's fought back hard and came back with three crushing goals to make the score 3-3. Although this game ended in a tie, it really felt like a loss to all of us. We were ashamed that we had not played our hardest, and let each other down. Losing a game in soccer can be frustrating, although it may not be an incredibly hard time it is still upsetting . The thing about hard times is that even when we feel really down, we always bounce back harder. Next game we will come back stronger an seal off the win instead of letting it slip away from us, that's what hard times can do. The thing about hard times is that there is a good side to it; we use them to grow, to learn, and to come back stronger.