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Halloween Night


Halloween Night: A Scary Story



Halloween Night 1995


Every day is Halloween isn’t it? For some of us...

~Tim Burton


    The night of Halloween, 1995. Four boys, Johnny, Ronny, Donny, and Lonny were preparing for a long night of trick or treating. They were at Johnny's house as his street was one of the best spots to trick or treat in town. They were dressed as a gang of zombies, they had ripped shirts with red face paint. Johnny pulled out four pillowcases for their candy, for they were almost ready to trick or treat. 6:30pm. 


They follow their usual route around Johnny's neighborhood then across the street to Donny’s neighborhood. 7:30pm. They have started filling up their pillowcases, they have hit Johnny and Donny’s neighborhoods, and they are off to Lonny’s. 8:00pm. Their pillowcases are nearly overflowing with candy, and they are almost ready to head home and stuff their mouths with candy. As they are walking back to Johnny’s they notice the dark street with only one house on it, the infamous abandoned house. Years ago there were cases of kids disappearing, Ronny had heard stories about how they get pulled into the house when they knock on the door. They all agreed to knock on the door and see what happens. 


The four boys slowly walked down the dark street constantly checking their backs. They approach the house and hear faint noises coming from somewhere inside. Johnny stops at the driveway, “what are you a wimp” said Ronny, “no” exclaimed Johnny. “my legs are cramping up”. “Oh sure” says Ronny. Johnny catches up with the group and they slowly approach the steps. Ronny is the first to approach the door and instantly knocks. “What are you doing!?” Says the others, “we were gonna knock right?” Says Ronny. A few seconds pass and nothing happens. Ronny knocks again, but this time louder. They hear footsteps, approaching the door and they frantically look for a hiding spot. Just before the door opens they jump behind a big bush. Out steps a man in a butchers apron covered in blood. He makes a grunting noise and walks back inside, but he leaves the door open a crack. The group starts freaking out, “I thought you said no one lived here” said Donny. “That’s what I thought” Lonny said. “I dare you guys to go up to the door again,” said Ronny. “No way” says Johnny. “Fine I’ll go myself then.” 


Ronny approached the door once again and the group nervously watched. Suddenly, as Ronny was about to walk in, someone pulled him inside and muffled his screams. The group was terrified and didn’t know what to do. “I’m outta here” said Donny. “We have to go save him,” said Lonny. “Yea he’s right” said Johnny. So the group slowly walked into the house, checking their surroundings. Suddenly they hear a shrilling screech from the basement. “What was that?” Asked Donny. “I think that was Ronny,” said Lonny.


They found the door which led to the basement and heard someone walking around saying something to Ronny. “One creaky stair or one person talking to loud and we could end up like him, so keep your mouth shut,” said Lonny. The three boys carefully and quietly approached the basement stairs. 9:00pm. They pushed open the basement door and it creaked open. What they saw was scarring. There were at least ten bodies lying on the basement floor appearing to be dead. THUMP, another body landed in the pile, but the light was so faint they couldn’t see where it came from. They hear footsteps getting closer and closer to the bottom of the stairs and suddenly the face of a man appears around the staircase. They all screamed, but Lonny started to hear something else. “Shhhh, what is that noise?” Said Lonny. They heard footsteps behind them and all of a sudden they were all shoved down the stairs. Ronny, Donny, Johnny and Lonny were never seen again.