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September 2018

A summer to remember...

How this summer can’t be topped

By Joseph Doherty  

“To foster personal and spiritual growth through the values and standards that are expressed by the traditional Five Brantwood Ideals: Honesty, Loyalty, Cooperation, Good Sportsmanship, and Unselfishness.”

-Brantwood Camp 


    This summer I focused on taking advantage of new opportunities and taking chances I never took before. To receive the Brantwood Cup, the award for the best camper of the summer at Brantwood camp, from Mr. Jenkins; I walk up to the podium and accept it. All my hard work and dedication finally has been paid off.

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The Belknap Experience

Camp Belknap 

 -Joseph Doherty     


 “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”

- Hellen Keller

    I look up to the dive board to see Peter standing there. He was wearing a life jacket and nervously looking over the edge of the tower. He had spent the past days talking about how he wanted to do a flip, so I yelled up some words of encouragement. After two minutes of him screaming, “I’m going to do it” and running up to the edge, but not actually doing it. Then suddenly he leaped off tucked, and splashed into the water. He came up from the water and smirkingly said, “that was fun.” 


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Part of a family

Part of a Family 

-Jospeh Doherty


    When I came to the Fenn school I was a scared and ready to be a new student. Through football I was able to settle in. Playing up in 6th grade. When 7th grade came I wanted to be apart of the Varsity team. Weeks passed and I was placed on the team.

    Our first game of the season was homecoming and it was a big deal. 200 people were going to be there watching our every move. As a stride into the locker room I can hear the door slam shut behind me. I arrived early so I had some time to kill I started looking over plays. When more and more people arrived they brought out a speaker, and started playing some music. The music was so loud that Star came in and told us he could hear it from his office. We began to get dressed for the first time putting our game jerseys on. The chit chatting of all the players made the room sound like it had hundreds of people in it.

    As we walk onto the field peoples head’s turn our way. As the game goes on we score then they score. I get my first sub I walk in scared to play. I don’t want to mess up. During the seven plays I was out there I made one mistake. When I got to the sideline some of the older kids came up to me, and explained what I what I did wrong at this movement I knew that this was a family and we are going to help each other out.


My ups and downs in this American classic 

- Joseph Doherty 


    Throughout my life I have ups and downs in the classic sport called baseball. Either it be losing three glove in one season when I was seven to my brother winning champion ships and celebrating with my friends. Baseball is about grit because it is a sport of losing. One quote I have come upon is “Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.” (Leo Durocher) through my many years of play and being around baseball I feel like I understand the sport. It isn’t about winning, and not as simple as have fun. It is something more which is impossible to put into words.

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