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Six Flags

The Belknap Experience

Camp Belknap 

 -Joseph Doherty     


 “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”

- Hellen Keller

    I look up to the dive board to see Peter standing there. He was wearing a life jacket and nervously looking over the edge of the tower. He had spent the past days talking about how he wanted to do a flip, so I yelled up some words of encouragement. After two minutes of him screaming, “I’m going to do it” and running up to the edge, but not actually doing it. Then suddenly he leaped off tucked, and splashed into the water. He came up from the water and smirkingly said, “that was fun.” 


    At Belknap we talked so much about leadership it seemed like that is the only thing that matters. Friendships play a big part in everyones life, they can make them or break them.    

     When we first got to the camp we saw a camp site being torn apart by loud and obnoxious construction vehicles. The dirt spiting up as we drive by in our bus, that ironically said Fay School instead of Fenn. We pulled up and saw humongous trees towering over us. We get out of the bus, frantically grab our bags. We all scramble to our friend groups hoping that will be able to choose our cabins. This is not what they had in store for us. We were split into different groups, and slowly walk to our new homes for the next couple days. At first Harry and Fru instantly start playing Fortnite screaming at the top of their lungs, “on your left, straight ahead, etc.”

    While we walked down to the waterfront, and I was surprised on how good it looked. With two diving boards and also a dive tower. We weren’t able to use it though right away when first got there. We had to wait an hour before we were able to dive and swim. I had done the dive tower at Windsor, so I walked up there with full intentions of just jumping right off. When I got to the top I looked down which was a bad idea. I pushed through it, and jumped off. I don’t know what I was so scared about, the fall was nothing and more fun that anything. Another thing about the water front was our period of sailing. Mathew and I attempted to sail, but weren’t able to without and wind. So we traded in our sail for some paddles. We caught up the rest of the group and paddled over to another beach owned by Belknap where we hopped out of the boat. By these experiences Belknap certainly stands up to the great waterfront of Windsor. 

     On our second and final night at Belknap we went to the Bone yard. We arrived already having a fire started for us, and music playing. As we started the camp fire we sang songs. Everyone singing along to country roads and wagon wheel. Andrew leading Country roads not knowing any of the words except for “country roads take me home.” As the fun part of the campfire ended the reflection part started. We took out our two pinecones and were handed a candle. We took turns lighting each other’s candles. We then thought of goals for our year. My goal was sticking to doing my work early and not waiting till the night of to do it. This goal means so much to me because last year and the year before I sometimes got behind in my work. This year I would like to stay up with all my homework, and overall be better with my time management.

    Friendships play a big part in everyones life. At Belknap I had two good experiences with my new and old friends. One of them was with my old friends. We walk around together, and I say bonded the best at night when we were just walking around on the campground. Last year I had lost my close relationship between me a Peter. Though this camp had revived our friendship. We were placed in the same cabin, and had a great time. I helped him with his flipped and we bonded throughout the couple days. This time I was also able to create friendships with kids that I wasn’t really friends with. This was Micheal most of the time he was playing canjam. Bragging all the time getting any chance he could how good he was at it, and how he hit slots all time. Oscar and Michael were the “best” team and Andy and I easily beat them 2-1, so they weren’t that good. Michael just said, “I can’t see, even though it wasn’t even that dark out. I got to know him a lot from our canoe trip to the other beach, and playing can jam with him. I hope to do this with all of my classmates.    

    When I got home I had a lot to think about, so much had happened in that three day trip. While we were at Belknap we had talked so much leadership, and how we are so important to the Fenn community. I am focused on being a leader, but many other things are on my mind. So lets see what this great has in store for us. 


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This is a good story about your trip. It is engaging, thoughtfull and full of great examples. At the end of the open, giver the reader a better idea of where you are and why and really state the theme in a more explicit way of where this essay is going. Too much is left for the reader to figure out. Otherwise, it is great. Don't forget the quote.


This essay had so much information. It was definetky one of the longer essays I’ve read, and it was awesome. I can really relate to the friendship part of your essay, because I too made friends with kids I didn’t think I would be friends with. Nice job and keep up the good work.

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