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A Waste of Time

How one fun game almost ruined my Fort-“night”

by Jospeh Doherty 


“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”
Jack London

    Seconds turn into minutes as I get sucked into the game. This game is “Fortnite”, even though at the end of the day we can talk about the wins that we had. This game has claimed many hours of my life, and I’m sure many others’. The once soft cushion is molded to my bottom, from many hours of not moving. The hours pass by faster and faster with every game I play. One Sunday before Exams I had finished the study packet that I was doing that night. Therefore, I decided to take a break and play some “Fortnite” and hop off a little later, and do some more studying. My parents were out to dinner, and wouldn’t be back for a while. My other siblings were already in bed falling asleep. As I boot up my X-box I look towards the clock to see that it is 9 o’clock. Plenty of time till my parents get home at 11. In the middle of a game I hear a car door shut outside. I look out the window, and my parents were already home I couldn’t believe my eyes. I swore it had only been a hour, but as I look at the clock my nightmares were true. It was 11 o’clock, and I was supposed to be in bed. I scramble to bed, and pretend to sleep. In the moment playing the game seemed so fun. In the long run studying for my exams is a better use of time than playing “Fortnite”. Hours wasted by that game almost ruined my night. 

Thanks Giving

 What Thanksgiving Really Means

- by Joseph Doherty

Every family has their different traditions for Thanksgiving 

But there is not a set in stone agenda for this American classic


Is it a time to reflect on your year or your life?

Is it a time to remember how fortunate we are?

Is it a time to get together with family?

Or Is it just a time to eat lots of food and take a day off?


We all do different things

Reflect on different things 

Even eat different things


When it comes to Thanksgiving 

I don’t reflect on what my year was like 

I don’t remember how fortunate I am 


I live in the moment 

Trying not to reflect on what I have done

But who is around me and what is around me 


Time flies 

So if you live your life always reflecting

You’ll never see what you have right in front of you


All the family members that you have,

Becuase before you now it 

They might be gone 


All the objects that you might have 

Might mean something in the moment 

But In the long run 

Mean nothing compared to your family 

The Call of the Wild

Joseph Doherty 

Freshman English 

Mr. Fitzsimmons



The Primordial Beast and Adapting to a

New World 

41CD3093-12AD-41F4-BE8C-121F95E6AA17For the pride of trace and trail was his, and sick unto death, he could not bear that another dog should do his work.”- [Chapter Four]

    As Buck’s muscles tighten he realized how hard it would be for him to pull this load. His feet were moving, but nothing else was. Joe Thorton was in front of him yelling at him to pull. If Buck could win this wager he would put 1,600 dollars into the hands of Joe Thorton. The load began to move inch by inch becoming easier to move. Then the load pulled free, and Buck was able to pull an almost impossible load to the finish line. With this money, he would also allow himself and Joe Thorton to make their trip to the East. Buck needed to adapt to his new home when he first came to North, so he could be able to pull this load. Also when he was tested he prevailed having his primordial comes out, and helps him out.  


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