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All School Meeting

Sacred Time at School

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"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

by Jospeh Doherty

    As I sit down in my seat I’m finally able to sit in beloved seats of the wise and old seniors. It was the first day of school and things were going great. As we walked in things seemed different, the mood was different and more sentimental. The hall was erie quiet; however, when students start to fill the hall it became a busy as bee hive. The seats with their bland color of brown look sad with all the seats being empty. The colors of bland tan represent the boring life of many students here. When the kids began to fill up the room show all the colors of the clothes of kids. The colors show the different activities and interesting lives of kids have. As I walk down the lanes all the memories flood back to me. Even the first day when I was on my tour, Presidential elections with Matthew, and regular all school meeting. When choosing my friends to sit next to I had to ponder for a while because I wanted to make a decision that will be a great pair for the whole year. I choose Daniel and Timo, whom have been very good partners so far. Timo is always cracking jokes and being a leader in all school meeting. Making announcements about the school store and sports. Even though Daniel hasn't been consistent with coming to school, but I still strongly believe that this was a good choice. When he comes to school it is always good time catching up on all of the things that we have missed. Even though the seats are bland and boring all the kids at school bring excitement to every part of the Fenn life

Writing Prompt

Reacting to People Who are Very Different from Yourself

by Joseph Doherty 


"Thus, then, in our hearts’ honeymoon, lay I and Queequeg—a cosy, loving pair."

-Herman Melville 

    When meeting new people it might be hard to know who they really are. This happened to me at Brantwood where we had a very diverse and different group go kids. When I first stepped onto the field of Brantwood I knew that it would be different experience from what I was used to. People coming from Jersey, New York, and Mass we were going to have a very diverse group.  It was when we first got to our cabin on the first day at Brantwood when I started to notice very differences in the way people acted. The first was the way that people had little respect for people that they didn’t know well. Though the wasn’t the case for all the kids. There were two kids in my cabin that didn’t show much respect for the consular and didn’t listen well. This was a shock because where I come from most kids are very respectful to everyone. Even though I didn’t need to adapt, but it was an eye opening experience. The kids weren’t bad kids, I still keep in touch and we have become good friends. Though the way that they treated new people was very different from the way that I have seen. Coming from different backgrounds can affect the way that you treat others. This can also be related to not judging a book by its cover because they are nice kids, but when they meet new people. In these experiences, I have to know the whole story because what is on the outside might not who they really are. Giving people a chance and not just instantly judging them on one thing that they might do different from you. Making sure that you have good sense of what the person’s true personality is before you judge them.



What kind of life do you seek? Would you rather be happy and ignorant--or wise?

 Joseph Doherty


    Is happy or wise the goal of life. For me I believe that the goal of life is being happy, even though that being wise has many advantages. Sometimes when I want to know what to do or when I need some advice I wish that I was wiser. I believe that even when you might have some better decisions when being wise. Overall I would have a better life when i am happy. Even if I’m ignorant I think that being happy has more upside to having a better life. When you are wise, you will know more and make better decisions. This question is not a black and white, people may see being wise different then others. For me I believe that when you are wise you will know more. Knowing a lot of the world you might know too much, causing you to be sad. Knowing that there is no way to advert a crisis or that the world will end is a heavy fate. For me happy is the key to everything, so I’d rather be happy and ignorant because that would quench my thirst for finding a goal to life.