Thinking of Necessities

A Time too Think

A Walk To the Pond 


“You can be a big fish in a small pond, but you're only going to be competing against people at that level.”   

-Finn Balor 

    As I walked down the street to the pond my mind began to drift thinking why would fitz send us into nature. Maybe to think more like Thoreau, or to just relax and focus on nature to calm down. The temperature Is beginning to change from the cold winter to the warm weather of spring. With this change the birds seem to instantly settle back into the north rebuilding nests and starting new lives. At our school next year we will be doing these same as these birds. Find their home, friends, and way to live their lives. The smell of the water with the splashed on the shore of the water sending a cooler breeze into the air. My feet resting on the ground with the unbalance of the dirt being shifted whenever someone walks upon the ground. When I arrive back at my house I realize how more relaxed and centered I am, making the walk very well worth it.


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I like how you connect the birds returning and building new lives to your next step into high school. Nice analogy.

Conor Kennealy

This is one of my favorites yet. It had very good relfection and I liked the bird analogy, it was very smart,


This is a great post. Your podcast is very well done. Make sure to look over your title. Nice job!

Michael L

Joe excellent work, and I love how you connect walking to the pond to walking back to your house. It’s a kewl connection.

Timmy Smith

This is a great post. I really enjoyed the bird analogy, and I thought you ended the piece very well. Great job.

Michael A

This is really well done Joe. The imagery you give the reader is nice and relaxing and you describe things very well in thi. Greta job Joe.


This is well done, a lot of stuff is detailed and well described. I love the image in your piece. This is really good. The concluding sentence really refers back to your wiritng.

Peter Scheibe

I loved this post. You use a lot of different techniques and I loved your analogies. Your description of nature puts the reader into the situation very well. Great job

Andy Barton

Your quote really summed up the whole paragraph. This was fantastically written, using many analogies. Great job!

McCliff Metellus

This one is very good post I really like how you focused on birds a lot.

Fru nkimbeng

Good job on this joe. I really loved how you related the birds moving back to the north to start their lives again to us fenn kids having to go to a new school and make friends again etc. this was a great point you made and it was even better because I could relate to it.


This a great post, your quote really summed up the whole paragraph. I loved how you used different techniques in your writing. Nice post

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