Henry David Thoreau
Walden #2


Spring Haikus 


The creaky old door 

That no one opens 

Is this a path to success?



The new shoes stepping 

On the old and worn paint 

What are our priorities?



The small bud of the rose 

Pokes out into the cold air 

Wondering if it is their time. 



The leafs

growing on the bare trees 

Like they were put into reverse


When writing the spring Haikus it was pretty easy since Fitz gave us a whole period to create them. When outside I tried to create as many as possible because there will be more Haikus that are not bad. I looked around and tried to creating ones with more images on images and images on action. 

Summer Haikus 


The large vast ocean 

To the tiny grain of sand 

At my fingertips



The sun beating down 

With the cold water 

What a beautiful day 



The umbrella’s shade 

Protects us from the scolding sand 

For a little while 



The beach ball bouncing 

On the hot pavement 

Slowly losing air


When writing the summer Haikus I was trying to work with more other ways to write the Haikus. I looked back on my times during summer when we were at the beach. Since the first thing that comes to mind when I think of summer is the beach so when it came to writing them, most of them were about the beach.

Fall Haikus 


The maple leafs fall

To the partly frozen ground 

The end is near



The wind blowing 

Signaling the changes 

Nor good or bad 



The ground begins to frost 

With green turning to white 

Breath becoming visible 



The signs showing 

Everting shorter 

Expect the clothes


With the fall Haikus I tried to do almost the opposite of what I did for the spring, since the two seasons are basically opposites. Looking to what I remember and how the season replays in my mind. Hence why most of them are of leaves falling and the weather getting cold. 

Winter Haikus 


The tiny snowflake 

Falls to the ground 

Joining the masses 



The days are short 

The nights are long 

Winter is in full swing 



Boiling hot coco 

Begin too cool down 

With the marshmallows melting 



It’s a white out 

No cars on the road 

Everyone’s which came true 


When it came time for the winter Haikus I wanted to work on of all of the types of writing it. With trying to dive deeper and try and have more deeper meanings. They were fun to write since winter is my favorite season. 


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