Thoreau's Views on Money

Power of Place

Some Couches and Chairs

- Joe



“It is good people who make good places.”

     A place can have a huge effect. Something as simple as a place can bring change to my routine and my day. Having a sense of a community will have a big effect on the students and the school as a whole. The chairs outside of Stars office might not seem like a big deal, but to many people they mean the world. Fighting over seats and making sure to call fives whenever you get up. Everyone wanting to be apart of the group of kids that get to sit in those beloved couches and chairs. As a sixth grader I would walk past the gym lobby seeing everyone chilling out. I didn’t see why everyone wanted to be there until 8th grade. Coming into the 8th grade the first day many kids were sitting there; however, this time I didn’t walk by I sat down. Even though this didn’t seem like a big deal at the time this decision changed my morning for ever day. Now I sit there talking to kids. Getting to know everyone better by talking to the lower grades and hanging out. Building the sense of community even more. These couches have had their downs. Like Ben Lisa spilling a large coffee all over the seats; however, there have been many ups. The countless days with people having a good time and hanging out in the lobby. Looking up to see coach Ryan’s top quality memes on the TV. The gym lobby has become more than just a couple of couches. This is a place to hang out, a place to get to know kids in the younger grades, and a place to be more apart of a community. 



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I love this! I was hoping somebody would write about the couch's and the incredible importance of the small slice in the life of the community.

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