Tom Sawyer Reflection

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Tom Sawyer Reflection



Some books you just read, and some books

you enjoy.

-Brian Cart



     Reading books can be slow but if you keep reading it will be worth it. Reading The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain Sawyer has made me really think about what I am reading. Most books your read you just go through the pages, but because took annotation we had to think about what was going on in the book. The book also made me think what was going to happen later in the story because of the authors ability to keep the reader wanting to read more.


  Reading The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer has made me read even when I don’t want to. Although the book started slow I knew I needed to keep reading so I did. As I expected the book stated to become more interesting and I suddenly didn’t find reading so bad. As the book went on I learned that even though some books may start off slow it will be worth reading in the end. In the book, the adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom is constantly doing crazy things and always taking risks. While reading we had to find the themes in the book. In the beginning finding themes seemed hard because the book had started off slow. The book started off slow but once there were things done in the book that I could relate to and was enjoying the book started to seem much faster paced. When Tom and Huck started searching for the treasure the book seemed more like a movie and I could almost picture it in my head. I think Mark Twain wrote this book to show the readers a little bit of what it is like to be a 10 year old boy in the 1900s.

“By this time everything was ready and the boys entered the hole, Tom in the lead. They toiled their way to the farther end of the tunnel, then made their spliced kite-strings fast and moved on. A few steps brought them to the spring, and Tom felt a shudder quiver all through him”

   At this point Tom and Huck are searching for the treasure. This part of the book was definitely filled with more action and made it much easier to read. Although the book started slow once I was able to give it a a chance I didn’t find the book so bad.

    Reading the book made me laugh because of all of the funny things that Tom does. Reading the book also made me think about how you can make a fun adventure out of almost nothing like what Tom and Huck did when they went searching for treasure. Tom Sawyer reminded me that as a kid we need to be able to be crazy like boys.






Johnny And Jack Literary Analysis

                                                                                                                 Johnny Drapeau and Jack Bretl

                                                                                                                                                     17th 2018

                                                                                                                              English Literary Analysis






The Adventures Of

Tom Sawyer 


Tom Sawyer Literary Analysis Of Adventure






You must go on adventures

to see where you truly belong.

-Sue Smith





    One of the biggest parts of a boys life is adventure. In the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Tom is constantly going on crazy adventures and is always having fun. Tom Sawyer like most boys loves adventure and loves the thrill of doing something crazy. Although Tom gets in trouble a lot he has found a way to get out of any problems he gets himself into. 


       In chapter 7, Tom loves to make adventures in his head. Tom and his friend were pretending to be Robin Hood and making adventures all in there head. Tom is always playing make believe to pass the time and have fun with his friends. Like most boys, Tom loves to find the quickest short cut to get out of problems so he can move on with his fun and adventurous life. Tom also loves the thrill of doing something crazy and always knows how to get out of trouble:     


  “Who art thou that dares to hold such language? I, indeed! I am Robin Hood, as thy caitiff carcass soon shall know. Then art thou indeed that famous outlaw? Right gladly will I dispute with thee the passes of the merry wood. Have at thee!”

  -Chapter 7


    Adventure plays a huge role in the book. Just the thrill of going to the graveyard like Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn gives them both a sense of adventure. Tom is always Everyone needs to have a little bit of adventure in them to  have a fun and interesting life. Throughout the book Tom Sawyer goes on many adventures and learns how live a life of adventure and fun.
















Family is not an important thing,

it is everything.


-Michael Fox




     Family will help you when you struggle. Family is the thing that catches you when you fall. I always go to my family first when I have a problem or can not figure something out. One way that my family is always helping me is with homework. My dad is always offering to help me when I do homework. One night a couple weeks ago me and my dad were in the kitchen under the burning bright light. We were doing dumb graphing equation I will never need to know how to use when my dad offers to help me figure out the problem. Because I was mad and tired I immediately turned the help down. I raced through the homework going way to fast. After a couple of days, I checked the grade book and I had gotten a c plus on the work. I told my parents and they were a little mad not because of the grade but because of how I turned down the help. Now I know that as long as I am trying my best and asking for help from my family when I need it, my parents will not get mad. This was one of the experiences I have gone through where my family had had my back.




















The Tom Sawyer In Me

                  There Is Tom Sawyer In Everyone





I would rather look back on life and say, 

I can not believe I did that then say,

I wish I had done that.


-John Crats




   I know for a fact that every single Fenn boy has a little bit of Tom Sawyer in them. Tom Sawyer is a character in a book our English class is reading. Boys everywhere have to be a little crazy just to survive. We are all a little mischievous like Tom Sawyer and all boys definitely share some traits with him. Tom Sawyer is very good at getting himself out of trouble which I know is a skill that all Fenn boys which the possessed. Tom can also pull off a lie like when he was able to convince the new kid that he had a older bigger brother. After 5 years at Fenn I know that I have told some tricks and lies but as soon as I tell a lie I always break down laughing and it is a dead giveaway. I wish I could be more like Tom Sawyer because then I could get myself in trouble and have some fun and the easily escape the problem like it never even happened. I can not wait to read more and see what other tips and trick that I can learn from Tom Sawyer.

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Friday Soccer



The Awesome Friday







“You can not score a goal 

if you don’t take a shot.”


-Johan Cruijff




   My alarm rings and I instantly jump out of bed in excitement for two reasons. The first reason was that it was Friday and the second was because the thirds soccer team had there first game today. I run down the stairs and get myself some cereal. While I was pouring in the milk I starting staring off into space and while I wasn’t paying attention the milk had overflowed the bowl and the milk was covering the table and my shorts. I quickly ran to get some napkins and cleaned it up before anyone could see. I put on some Fenn sweatpants and ran out the door where my dad was waiting for me in the car. I got to school and went to my advisory room and waited for the day to begin.

   The day went by slow until it was time for lunch. At lunch we had another fire in the toaster. We have a lot of fires in the toaster because there is a large group of at least 10 boys all crowded around that one toaster. They all want to get there bread toasted the fastest so they all cram there bread inside and then the fire starts and nobody gets there toast. After that it was time for us to get our uniforms. The thirds soccer team all lined up to get our uniforms. I get my gold socks that I could pull up to my waist. We all get changed into our uniforms and then it is time to go.

    All 22 boys are waiting for the bus to take us to our thirds soccer game. The bus finally arrives and all of us rush in looking for the best seat for the long ride. Music blasts throughout the bus, while all of the kids stay on there phones. We finally arrive at Lexington Christian Academy, towering trees above our heads as we enter the large field. We do our drills and it is is time for the game to start. Mr. Sandborn puts assigns all of us to a position and it is game time. We were all ready to crush Lexington Christian Academy is the first game of the season.

   If there was one word to describe this game I would say dirty. Ben Cook was trampling over kids half his size. Even with his broken arm Jack Moskow saves number 22 to the ground. Early in the game Ben had blasted a shot at the goalie and the goalie was able to get his finger tips on it. The ball landed right in front of me with a wide open net. I ran up and planted my left foot into the ground and swung my right leg down into the ball. I had kicked the ball with the outside of my foot and it hardly went in. In the end of the game we won one to zero.

   After the game the whole team was happy that we had one our first game of the year. After that we took the bus back to Fenn. I was feeling good because we had just won our game and I was ready to go home and relax on the Friday night.
















Windsor Mountain

Waiting For The Fun




“What happen at the lake,

is then laughed about all year.”


Bridgett Gladney


  The towering tree covered in green moss dripped heavy rain drops on our heads as we pulled our suitcases to the Windsor mountain summer camp. Us 60 boys were walking down the muddy path to get to our cabins. We walked down the path filled with trees and plants until we arrive in a large open field. The councilors starting showing us our cabins through little paths through the trees giving us cover from the rain. I thought that Windsor Mountain was going to really boring because it was just going to be us doing team building activities that would give us skills that we would never need to use in real life, but I was wrong. 


   Our advisory walked into our cabin and we all sprinted to find the best bed. The cabin had hard wooden cracked floors, 5 different bunk beds spread throughout the small cabin. The cabin had high wooden ceilings with metal railings all along the walls of of the beds. Mr. Cribb and us 8 boys all threw our bags under the beds and than the sound of a huge bell filled our ears. All 9 of us ran outside into the mud and sprinted into the meeting hall. It was a massive wood room with a stage in the front. It had 50 windows surrounding the room so we could look out and see the rain. Through one window through the cracks in the trees you could see the shining silver of the lake. I didn’t know at the time but going on that lake was going to be the best part of the whole year.


   The whole grade filled up the meeting hall and the huge room suddenly felt small. We all laid down carpets on the floor to sit on. To start off the meeting we played a knee tag. When I first heard that we were playing knee tag I was like how are we going to have 60 boys run around screaming trying to grab each other’s knees in this tight of a space. I thought that this game was going to be complete chaos, and that is exactly what it was. Everyone was just chasing after each other bumping into other people. “We should go around and bump into other people,” shouted Jimmy from the other side of the room.  Jimmy and I starting running around screaming and bumping into other people while trying to grab their knees. By the time we were done we had knocked over three of our friends. After the meeting I still wasn’t sure if I was going to like Windsor Mountain, but the trip was just beginning.


   After the meeting we had low ropes. Our group of eight kids walked over to a different meeting spot. On the way we saw towering pine trees. The rain had stopped and the sun was starting to come out. This other meeting hall was right next to the lake, I couldn’t wait to go in the water. In low ropes we had to work together to try and get from one side of the room to another only using wooden planks. We were not doing the activity really well, all eight boys were screaming at each other and Jimmy starting pushing people off the wooden planks so he could be the first one across. “It’s not that hard” Jack screamed at the group after we had been failing to complete the activity for an hour. In the end we were never able to finish the activity, then the second bell rang.


  “Free time”, shouted Will Hickey. All eight of us sprinted back to our cabin and put on our bathing suits. It was a race to see who would get to use the bathroom first and get changed. We all got in our cabin shoving for the bathroom door. After a while in the cabin everyone was changed and we ran down to the lake. The wet wood chips and rocks poked in my feet. I tried to avoid the rocks while a sprinted down the long hill down to the silver shining lake. 


   By the time I got down half of the grade was already in the lake. I ran down onto the dock and saw a huge blue mat with at least 15 boys wrestling on top trying to the only one on the mat. There was a huge trampoline with vibrant yellow and blue stripes going down the side. Liam splashed me while I was in the dock and I could feel the freezing cold drops of water trickle down my back. I jumped in and a rush of cold water hit me. I wanted to get out because the water was so cold but I knew it would be fun if I stayed in. I jumped on the blue mat and I see Ben Lisa start running at me. He picks me up off the mat and throws me in, I knew then that I probably shouldn’t go on that mat again. On my way swimming to the trampoline I saw a  rope swing. I didn’t know then but this was going to the best part of the whole trip. I swam as fast as I could to get to the shore, flailing my arms because I’m a terrible swimmer. I ran across the rocks and sticks with sagging maple trees drooping over me. Finally I reached the rope swing the tall wood ladder led up to a big platform with ten boys screaming and yelling. I quickly climb up and see Ben Doty jump off with rope clasped in his hands trying to hold on the best he can until he splats in the water and face plants. After waiting in line it was finally my turn. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it because I have been afraid of heights for a while but I didn’t want to show my fear. I grabbed onto the second knot on the rope and slowly inched my way towards the edge of the platform. I jumped off and it felt like I was in the air forever. It felt like it was all a dream and in my head just for the few seconds I was in the air. I slammed my face against the freezing cold water and I immediately wanted to jump off again.


   After going off the rope swing a few more times and gone back to the cabin and had fun with my friends I had realized that Windsor Mountain was actually going to be a lot of fun. At first I thought the trip was just going to be the teachers throwing us away to play some games and be miserable while they could relax, but in the end it turned out to be a lot of fun. When the grade was leaving we all walked out to the bus wishing that we could have done this trip again

A Slice Of Fenn Life




Almost The End Of The Day 






A good day is a good day, a bas day is a good story, at the end of the day, everything is good.

-Glennon Melton


   So far I absolutely love the upper school at Fenn. The schedule is perfect, because we have all of our academic classes and hard work in the morning but after all of that is done it starts to get fun. Even though we have to get all of our classes done in the morning it just makes the end of the day even more fun. After all of the hard work and classes we have lunch, and that’s where it started to get interesting.

   These past few days lunch hasn’t gone great. When you walk into the dining hall there is a large line of boys pushing each other out of the way to get food first. We have only had 3 lunches and we have already managed to set 4 fires in the toaster but besides that it has gone pretty well. Lunch is a time where you get to talk with all of your friends at the table and relax after all of your classes. At my table someone spilled a full glass of that thick, brown chocolate milk. Although lunch is crazy it is only the beginning of the fun.

   After Lunch it is time for arts. I have ceramics which so far is pretty fun so far. When you walk into the classroom you can see the brown clay on the table and you instantly just want to grab it. After we heard the explanation on how to use the wheel and make a bowl we all ran over to a wheel and started to try to make a bowl. None of us were successful, there was soaking brown clay flying everywhere because somebody couldn’t turn there wheel off. The brown gray was pelting us all on our shirts and shorts and after that incident it was time for us to start cleaning up the mess we made.

   Straight from ceramics we go to sports, I am doing 3rds Soccer. Sports is definitely the best part of Fenn. At sports it is an awesome time to get all of your energy out playing in the fields with your friends. Yesterday we were playing in the rain and people were slide tackling each other left and right, putting each other on ground moaning in pain. Even though we were in the rain we were still having fun playing outside with our friends.

  After sports it is time to go get changed and get picked up. The end of the day at Fenn and having so much fun with my friends is what makes me want to come back to school the next day.












My Favorite Thing About Summer




Summer is Beginning


Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about. 

-John Mayer



“You must be joking” I screamed out after Fitz assigned us a whole 500 word paper for homework. I instantly started thinking what I could right a whole 500 words about. I couldn’t really think about what to write until my next class when we all went over what our favorite thing about our summer was. I was at the end of the table so I went last. I said my favorite part of the summer was being in Vermont for the 4th of July with my cousins. At that moment I knew exactly what I was going to write about.

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