Exam Narrative Paragraph

Johnny Drapeau

8th Grade Exam



Narrative Paragraph Exam


A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning



         Everyone remembers there favorite teacher. I have been at The Fenn School for five years; subsequently, I have had several teachers that made a long lasting impression on me; however, some have been good while others bad; therefore, I have some pretty crazy memories. When I first came to Fenn I didn’t know what to expect about the teachers or the school. I had the same teacher for almost every subject at my old school so this was a big change. When I first went into Ward hall, a large white building with green doors the size of an elephant, I was overwhelmed. I was in the fourth grade and it wha my second day of school. We had just gotten our math homework which was to tape up and decorate our black and white spotted notebook. At the time this seemed like a very serious assignment that needed to be done perfectly with expertise. Now looking back there is not much I could have done wrong to fail this assignment but I found a way. I left my notebook at school over the weekend. My parents decided to teach me a “lesson” by not letting me go back and get it. I came into school extra early on Monday morning racing down the green and white checkered hallway floor. I go into Mr. Smiths advisory room and grabbed my notebook. I had all of my decorating Mac and cheese duck-tape ready to go. Than I saw Mr. Smith my heart was racing, In my head I was thinking, what if he gets mad at me for doing my homework now, what if he sends my to the principals office. I scramble around the room until I heard his voice say, “ohhhhhh looks like someone is trying to do there homework before class.” I didn’t know what to say I just stared at him worried what else was going to happen. In a fun and happy voice I heard him say, “ I’m just kidding, you must have forgot your notebook, make sure not to take anything I say to seriously.” I was relieved. I learned then that instead of being worried, nervous and scared about making a mistake, I could just try to fix it. This was a good lesson for me to learn earlier and it helped me through the rest of the year. Every teacher I have had is so different and in every class I have learned a new lesson. After being at Fenn I could list countless experiences with teachers that will shape what I will do.

Through The Tunnel Analysis

Johnny Drapeau

8th Grade Exam

Throught The Tunnel


The Less You Reveal The More People Can Wonder”




    Mystery can compel anyone, in the short story, Through The Tunnel, by Doris Lessing, a young boy named Jerry is intrigued to go near a “wild and rocky bay” near his vacation house on the beach.   

          “A few inches above them the water sparkled as if sequins were dropping through it. Fish again — myriads of minute fish, the length of his fingernail, were drifting through the water, and in a moment he could feel the innumerable tiny touches of them against his limbs. It was like swimming in flaked silver.” 

         Jerry’s curiosity brings him to believing there is an underwater tunnel through the rocky beach. His is first introduced to the tunnel when he sees a group of boys; however, they do not seem to notice him. 


       “The boys began diving again and again from a high point into a well of blue sea between rough, pointed rocks. After they had dived and come up, they swam around, hauled themselves up, and waited their turn to dive again.”


         Everything had seemed completely normal at it was nothing like Jerry had not seen before, until the biggest boy of the group dived under water and stayed for multiple minutes. Jerry than saw this boy come up gasping for air on the other side of rock that looked sixty feet wide. Jerry was amazed, yet confused; subsequently, Jerry immediately wanted to try going through this tunnel. He practiced holding his breath and was very determined to make it through the tunnel to see what it was like. He practiced holding his breath and is very determined to make it through the tunnel. Jerry knew after he bought goggles that it was his chance to swim through the tunnel. Jerry heads to the rocky beach and dives into the cool water. 

              “He was without light, and the water seemed to press upon him with the weight of the rock. Seventy­one, seventy­two… There was no strain on his lungs. He felt like an inflated balloon, his lungs were so light and easy, but his head was pulsing.”

             When Jerry finally made it to the end he was relieved and triumphant that he had finally achieved his goal, but he could not wait to go and tell his mom his achievements. 

               “Mummy,” he said, “I can stay under water for two minutes — three minutes, at least… It came bursting out of him.”

          Mystery is an important part of every boys life, and mystery pushes people to do things out of there comfort zone. The mystery of the under water tunnel is what kept him determined to keep practicing even after he got hurt. Throughout this short story the reader does not learn a lot about the characters but the author still makes this a compelling story with ups and downs. Mystery gave Jerry this great experience that he will remember forever.


Final Metacognition

Final Metacognition


War Is So Sweet To Those Who Have Not Experienced IT.



         All Quiet On The Western Front was a great book and had an interesting twist ending. I knew that something bad was going to happen but the way the author wrote the ending it did not seem as sad, it seemed like it was always meant to be. I read the end on Stars couch which was probably not the best place to read but it still worked. I enjoyed reading the book and no I know why it is named All Quiet On The Western Front. I read the end pretty fast because I was kind of eager to get the book finished so I didn’t have to worry about it. In the end I think it was worth it reading the book.

Chapter 8 Themes

Empathy Feelings



                        If You Judge People You Have No 

                               Time To Love Them.



    People can only understand someone if you feel them in yourself, but empathy in chapter eight of All Quiet On The Western Front shows Paul the differences him and his enemy. Empathy shows Paul that the real enemy is the officers that tell the soldiers what to do like there just pawns in a chess game. This is because Paul and his enemy are really the same just normal men turned into beasts that are commanded to fight. This chapter has showed me that even the soldiers who have seen things unimaginable still can have feelings for others. Paul finds the Russians in a prison along side there camp. He sees there faces and feels sorry for them and feels sympathy almost as if he was in the cage.


“I take out my cigarettes, break each one in half and give them to the Russians. They bow to me and then light the cigarettes. Now red points glow in every face. They comfort me; it looks as though there were little windows in dark village cottages saying that behind them are rooms full of peace.”

   Paul finds peace in helping the Russians. He gives them some of his food and cigarettes because he realizes that they are in similar circumstances to him and he feels empathy for what they are going through. The horror of war has changed the way Paul thinks about his life outside of war and on the front. It has changed the way he thinks about people. Thinking about others is not a skill you want to have while at war because next time he is faced with a decision between fighting and running he might run instead. Having feelings for other is one of the only things keeping Paul human. Empathy is necessary for a good life and I am interested to see where it takes Paul.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Johnny Drapeau

Being there for family is what counts


    Empathy is a major theme in chapter 8. I read chapter 8 on Tuesday on my couch and did not really understand it. I read it but did not actually take in any of the information because it is such a short chapter. I than read litcharts and understood the chapter more. Empathy is really shown when Paul think about the differences between him and his enemy. Really there is no difference they are both just men trying to kill each other, then have no really reason but they do it because that is what they are told. They really had one common enemy and that is the officers who tell them what to do. I thought that the soldiers would have lost empathy after being on the front for so long but clearly Paul still has feelings. Later in the chapter Paul meets with his dad and sister and they do not have much to talk about besides how his mom is sick with cancer. The chapter ended very suddenly and I am wondering what will happen or why this chapter was so short. I believe that something bad is coming up and the suspense has just been piling up. The book is getting better but Iam ready for the action.



What Friends Are For




“Good Friends Are Like Stars, You Can Not Always 

See Them, But They Are Always There.”


      Good friends will always be there for you when your down. I have many crazy and funny experiences with my friends but this one has stuck with me. My friends can make even the worst days good. I can list countless times where my fiends have done crazy things to make the day great. It’s a Sunday night on a long weekend. We have Monday and Tuesday off so I was already in a good mood. A group of my friends all head to Kimball Farms and push kids into the bumperboats, play bad mini golf and get some good ice cream and frenchfries. We all have a great time and get picked up and dropped at Finley’s house. We have great cheeseburgers and I am still in a great mood with my friends being crazy making everything 10 times better. We play some manhunt in the dark and I lost over and over again until one round where I thought I had a great hiding spot. I hit behind the pool and bumped into the massive tube keeping all of the water inside. The water comes rushing out and I am drenched in seconds. I scream and try to put the tube back in place while getting soaked by half of a pool. I am dripping with water from head to toe and try to dry off outside. I am not in the best mood by this point and I play some knee hockey inside and loose and the night is not looking as good as it was just 20 minutes ago. We all cover our selves in pillows and blankets and try to go to sleep in our own little fort so we didn’t have to deal with each other sleeping. Even though I can not sleep my friends being funny lift my mood and I am right back t normal. I go into Nate’s fort and spray axe all over his face aswell as throw random things inside. Nate starts screaming and everyone laughs. He made sure to get us back and we all had a great time. It didn’t matter how bad of a mood I was in they could always cheer me up. That’s the great thing about friends because no matter what happens you count on them to make even the most boring lectures into the funniest things in the world. Good friends are always there where something good or bad happens for you. Good friends are always there when you need them.


Socratic Topic


      In chapter seven of, All Quiet On The Western Front, Paul is reminded of his past as the soldiers have a leave and get a few days off from the front. Tommorow in the Socratic I would like to talk about the soldiers past. Rather then this being a relaxing break from the front, Paul is reminded of how much his family has lost because of the war. I am wondering if there is anything else to Paul’s past that we don’t know yet. I think that because of how Paul saw Kantoreks Mom be so sad about his death it out the image of how his family would react. In the chapter we learned a lot about Paul and I found that the author did not put as much description into setting the scene but instead putting in what the characters are thinking. I think that this was a great change of pace for the book and something different that definetly added to the book. I woul also like to talk about how war has changed the soldiers and how they feel about there past. I am also wondering if the changes in there life are similar to the ones soldiers deal with now. This chapter was long but packed with information. I am interested to see what happens in chapter 8, perhaps the author will keep the same pace in the book or bring us right back to the action on the front.

Chapter 6 Litererary Reflection

Chapter Six Themes



The Horror Of War

“Sometimes We Need To Loose

The Small Battles To Win The




Even the brave cannot escape horror. In chapter six, of All Quiet On The Western Front, horror of war is able to get to the soldiers and the reader. While I was reading the book I could feel the suspense building up and could tell a fight scene was going to break out. It was almost like watching a scene from a movie, the description was so vivid it gave me a picture of the battle. I felt for the the terrified soldiers even the strong Himmelstoss was scared, “We found him with a small scratch lying in a corner pretending to be wounded. His face looks sullen.” Leading up to the battle it seemed like some of the scenes were unneeded; however,  during the fight I wanted to here every word and description of the horrifying images the book out in you head, “we run past we toss handfuls down into the dug-outs, the earth shudders, it crashes, smokes and groans, we stumble over slippery lumps of flesh, over yielding bodies; I fall into an open belly on which lies a clean, new officer’s cap.” The author does a great job of describing the scene and make the reader see an exact image of what he is writing. Horror is the engine of the book that keeps it going. I feel like this is as close to being in war as a 14 years old boy from concord can get. I was hesitant to keep reading after I read the first chapter with no action but the horror of war has been a main theme recently and has gotten me interested. People getting pelted with machine guns left and right, constant fighting and going inside of the kinds of the soldiers. These men are like beasts on the battle field and when they stop the become men again. Annotating has challenged me to think more about what I am reading and in my experience has slowed me down a lot. A month ago if you had asked me if I was enjoying my book if would have answered with a hard NO. Now that horror is a big part in the story I have been feeding off of it. I am interested to see where the horror will go and what directions it will take the book in.