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Giving Thanks




Hi my names Johnny

This will be a podcast about giving thanks


Thanks is all about being thankful for what you have. Being thankful is about being able to think about what we have instead of what we don’t. You can be thankful for anything that you have that others wish they could get. This is all important because we have are a lot of the things that we have for granted. Thanksgiving is a Holiday deticated to giving thanks and gratitude.  Being thankful isn’t about be jealous of what other people have. I am thankful for everything I have that others don’t have. I am grateful for my family because they hall me through everything. They give me everything I need that others struggle to get. My family has been helping me for my entire life and guiding me to do the right things. Giving  thanks is very important because it makes other people feel better. When someone at school thanks me for doing something it makes me fell better and makes it feel like helping was worth it.  Thanking somebody can make them  feel better about what they did and makes it more likely that they will do something nice again. An example of this is when one of my friends from school had a broken ankle and they needed help bringing stuff from place to place. I decided to help him. I had been helping him for about a week and than after he got his cast off he was very thankful and it made me feel like helping was all worth it in the end. This was an example about how giving thanks can really make a difference. Overall this podcast is about being thankful for what you have and not taking your things for granted. This thanksgiving try to reflect on all that you have.


What My Thanks Giving Is Like



.  Every Thanksgiving I go to Rochester New York to see my cousins. Thanksgiving is pretty awesome for many reasons including, no school, almost Christmas, seeing my cousins, lots of candy and cake. It couldn’t get much better than that. On Thanksgiving day my family and I always have a big dinner and than watcha movie with my cousins. Last year the day after Thanksgiving my cousins and I all played some mini golf. My cousin Graham who is 19 got a job at staples. On Black Friday we went is on the day he was working and my dad connected his phone to one of the massive speakers in the store. He started blasting music to try to embarrass by cousin. Overall Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and is always a good time.

The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer


                                                                                                                                                         Johnny D.

                                                                                                                                                      Fitz. English paper 





             The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Essay




Themes within The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer




“Oh, they have just a bully time—take ships and burn them, and get the money and bury it in awful places in their island where there's ghosts and things to watch it, and kill everybody in the ships—make 'em walk a plank.”

   Tom and his friends are pretending to be pirates. As boys in the 1820s, they were always wanting adventure. Tom is trying to explain to his friends what pirates like to do. Often times Tom and his friends play make believe to make there life a little bit more interesting. Tom Sawyer is a book that has taught me many things. It was hard to understand at first but once I kept reading it became a book that wasn’t so bad. There were many themes in the book but two that came up a lot were imagination and showing off. These things are common is most boys and were very clear themes in the book. 


   Old or young, at one time in everyone’s life, you have let your imagination wander and lead them to little adventures all in your head. In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Tom is always using his imagination in different situations. Imagination plays a key role within the main characters Huckleberry, Tom, and Joe Harper. As two crazy boys, they are always wanting to go on adventures, and during these adventures they make little games all inside there head. The like to play make believe and play games with each other. In this part of the book Tom had just run away from school and started thinking about his life. he decides that he wants to be a pirate, until Joe Harper appears he declared the woods to be Sherwood Forrest and they start to play Robin Hood. They have fake swords and they fight, pretending to be Robin Hood and Guy of Guisborne.                                    

       “I am Robin Hood, as thy caitiff carcase soon shall know." Then art thou indeed that        famous outlaw? Right gladly will I dispute with thee the passes of the merry wood. Have at thee!"

-The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain

   Tom and Joe use there imagination and pretend to be Robin Hood. They play make believe multiple times within the book, they play little games in there head to entertain themselves from there boring lives at school. Back in the time that this was written ways to entertain yourself were minimal. To entertain himself Tom has to use what he has, his head. They pretend to be these characters and they fight because that is how they entertain themselves. Throughout the book, Tom and Huck are always imaginings things, from being Robin Hood, to being pirates searching for gold. Imagination can make something boring into something fun and adventurous. While playing pretend, they show off to each other their skills.



   Showing off has played a role in every young boys life. In the book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Tom  and his friends are always showing off trying to make himself themselves look better in front of each other.Tom and Huck are always showing off to show each other who is better. Tom and his friends are always showing off to girls that they want to impress to make themselves look cool. In every boys life showing off plays a main role in their childhood. At this point in the book, Tom and his pirate friends have run away to a little island. Tom wishes he could live like Huck, so when he sees that Huck smoke, Tom and Joe ask to learn how. Tom and Joe really hated it, but they pretended that they loved it so that they could seem “cool” in front of Huck. Now they stretched themselves out on their elbows and began to puff, charily, and with slender confidence. The smoke had an unpleasant taste, and they gagged a little, but Tom said:

                 “Why, it's just as easy! If I'd a knowed this was all, I'd a learnt long ago.”

  Tom, Huck and Joe are together as friends when Tom and Joe see that Huck is smoking. Tom and Joe both ask to try. The both hated the smoke but both of them had to pretend that they liked it to seem cool in front of Huck. Showing off can be good in the right time, but it can also turn you into something you are not  just because you want to seem cool in front of friends. Showing off shows up all through the rest of the book. Whether its something small, like showing off in front of a girl to make her like you, or something bigger like running away to an island so when you come back all the kids will be jealous of you. 


Reading the book made me laugh because of all of the funny things that Tom does that are relatable to a lot of kids at Fenn. Reading the book also made me think about how you can make a fun adventure out of almost nothing like what Tom and Huck did when they went searching for treasure. Tom Sawyer reminded me that as a kid we need to be able to be crazy and act like boys. This was a great book overall that really captured what it is like to be a kid.






















Tom Sawyer Reflection

                                                                                                                                                  Johnny D.



Tom Sawyer Reflection



Some books you just read, and some books

you enjoy.

-Brian Cart



     Reading books can be slow but if you keep reading it will be worth it. Reading The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain Sawyer has made me really think about what I am reading. Most books your read you just go through the pages, but because took annotation we had to think about what was going on in the book. The book also made me think what was going to happen later in the story because of the authors ability to keep the reader wanting to read more.


  Reading The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer has made me read even when I don’t want to. Although the book started slow I knew I needed to keep reading so I did. As I expected the book stated to become more interesting and I suddenly didn’t find reading so bad. As the book went on I learned that even though some books may start off slow it will be worth reading in the end. In the book, the adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom is constantly doing crazy things and always taking risks. While reading we had to find the themes in the book. In the beginning finding themes seemed hard because the book had started off slow. The book started off slow but once there were things done in the book that I could relate to and was enjoying the book started to seem much faster paced. When Tom and Huck started searching for the treasure the book seemed more like a movie and I could almost picture it in my head. I think Mark Twain wrote this book to show the readers a little bit of what it is like to be a 10 year old boy in the 1900s.

“By this time everything was ready and the boys entered the hole, Tom in the lead. They toiled their way to the farther end of the tunnel, then made their spliced kite-strings fast and moved on. A few steps brought them to the spring, and Tom felt a shudder quiver all through him”

   At this point Tom and Huck are searching for the treasure. This part of the book was definitely filled with more action and made it much easier to read. Although the book started slow once I was able to give it a a chance I didn’t find the book so bad.

    Reading the book made me laugh because of all of the funny things that Tom does. Reading the book also made me think about how you can make a fun adventure out of almost nothing like what Tom and Huck did when they went searching for treasure. Tom Sawyer reminded me that as a kid we need to be able to be crazy like boys.