Reciting IF
Iambic Poem






      “Music is always being made but only sometimes enjoyed”




      I listen to a lot of music, some of it is loud and crazy while other songs are clam and quite. One of the great things about music is you can listen to it or make it anywhere at anytime. Music can set the mood for how the day will go, I personally like more modern music, espeacially the catchy songs. I would not really consider rap as music, I feel like rap is just speaking in rhythm on a beat. I first started listening to a lot of music when I started doing theatre 5 years ago. We had to sing some songs in the shows but I never found the songs in shows that catchy. Sometimes when I get home from school I will just put on my headphones and listen to music. I do this to either calm myself down or to get myself excited for a game. Normally when I listen to music I can trace back a certain set of notes back to a different song. I also used to think that background music and movie soundtracks were pretty cool. All of the different music represents the certain mood of that scene. Different music can affect people in different ways. My dad likes a different type of music and he always plays music from when he was younger really loud when we are in the car. I thought that eventually I would enjoy the older music but I haven’t really gotten to like it. Music is great because you can listen to it to cheer you up or get yourself excited and different songs can make you feel different things. I am a huge fan of music and am interested to see what music I will like as I get older.