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The Horror Of War

“Sometimes We Need To Loose

The Small Battles To Win The




Even the brave cannot escape horror. In chapter six, of All Quiet On The Western Front, horror of war is able to get to the soldiers and the reader. While I was reading the book I could feel the suspense building up and could tell a fight scene was going to break out. It was almost like watching a scene from a movie, the description was so vivid it gave me a picture of the battle. I felt for the the terrified soldiers even the strong Himmelstoss was scared, “We found him with a small scratch lying in a corner pretending to be wounded. His face looks sullen.” Leading up to the battle it seemed like some of the scenes were unneeded; however,  during the fight I wanted to here every word and description of the horrifying images the book out in you head, “we run past we toss handfuls down into the dug-outs, the earth shudders, it crashes, smokes and groans, we stumble over slippery lumps of flesh, over yielding bodies; I fall into an open belly on which lies a clean, new officer’s cap.” The author does a great job of describing the scene and make the reader see an exact image of what he is writing. Horror is the engine of the book that keeps it going. I feel like this is as close to being in war as a 14 years old boy from concord can get. I was hesitant to keep reading after I read the first chapter with no action but the horror of war has been a main theme recently and has gotten me interested. People getting pelted with machine guns left and right, constant fighting and going inside of the kinds of the soldiers. These men are like beasts on the battle field and when they stop the become men again. Annotating has challenged me to think more about what I am reading and in my experience has slowed me down a lot. A month ago if you had asked me if I was enjoying my book if would have answered with a hard NO. Now that horror is a big part in the story I have been feeding off of it. I am interested to see where the horror will go and what directions it will take the book in.