Chapter 8 Themes

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Johnny Drapeau

Being there for family is what counts


    Empathy is a major theme in chapter 8. I read chapter 8 on Tuesday on my couch and did not really understand it. I read it but did not actually take in any of the information because it is such a short chapter. I than read litcharts and understood the chapter more. Empathy is really shown when Paul think about the differences between him and his enemy. Really there is no difference they are both just men trying to kill each other, then have no really reason but they do it because that is what they are told. They really had one common enemy and that is the officers who tell them what to do. I thought that the soldiers would have lost empathy after being on the front for so long but clearly Paul still has feelings. Later in the chapter Paul meets with his dad and sister and they do not have much to talk about besides how his mom is sick with cancer. The chapter ended very suddenly and I am wondering what will happen or why this chapter was so short. I believe that something bad is coming up and the suspense has just been piling up. The book is getting better but Iam ready for the action.