Chapter 8


What Friends Are For




“Good Friends Are Like Stars, You Can Not Always 

See Them, But They Are Always There.”


      Good friends will always be there for you when your down. I have many crazy and funny experiences with my friends but this one has stuck with me. My friends can make even the worst days good. I can list countless times where my fiends have done crazy things to make the day great. It’s a Sunday night on a long weekend. We have Monday and Tuesday off so I was already in a good mood. A group of my friends all head to Kimball Farms and push kids into the bumperboats, play bad mini golf and get some good ice cream and frenchfries. We all have a great time and get picked up and dropped at Finley’s house. We have great cheeseburgers and I am still in a great mood with my friends being crazy making everything 10 times better. We play some manhunt in the dark and I lost over and over again until one round where I thought I had a great hiding spot. I hit behind the pool and bumped into the massive tube keeping all of the water inside. The water comes rushing out and I am drenched in seconds. I scream and try to put the tube back in place while getting soaked by half of a pool. I am dripping with water from head to toe and try to dry off outside. I am not in the best mood by this point and I play some knee hockey inside and loose and the night is not looking as good as it was just 20 minutes ago. We all cover our selves in pillows and blankets and try to go to sleep in our own little fort so we didn’t have to deal with each other sleeping. Even though I can not sleep my friends being funny lift my mood and I am right back t normal. I go into Nate’s fort and spray axe all over his face aswell as throw random things inside. Nate starts screaming and everyone laughs. He made sure to get us back and we all had a great time. It didn’t matter how bad of a mood I was in they could always cheer me up. That’s the great thing about friends because no matter what happens you count on them to make even the most boring lectures into the funniest things in the world. Good friends are always there where something good or bad happens for you. Good friends are always there when you need them.