Chapter 6 Litererary Reflection


Socratic Topic


      In chapter seven of, All Quiet On The Western Front, Paul is reminded of his past as the soldiers have a leave and get a few days off from the front. Tommorow in the Socratic I would like to talk about the soldiers past. Rather then this being a relaxing break from the front, Paul is reminded of how much his family has lost because of the war. I am wondering if there is anything else to Paul’s past that we don’t know yet. I think that because of how Paul saw Kantoreks Mom be so sad about his death it out the image of how his family would react. In the chapter we learned a lot about Paul and I found that the author did not put as much description into setting the scene but instead putting in what the characters are thinking. I think that this was a great change of pace for the book and something different that definetly added to the book. I woul also like to talk about how war has changed the soldiers and how they feel about there past. I am also wondering if the changes in there life are similar to the ones soldiers deal with now. This chapter was long but packed with information. I am interested to see what happens in chapter 8, perhaps the author will keep the same pace in the book or bring us right back to the action on the front.