Through The Tunnel Analysis

Exam Narrative Paragraph

Johnny Drapeau

8th Grade Exam



Narrative Paragraph Exam


A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning



         Everyone remembers there favorite teacher. I have been at The Fenn School for five years; subsequently, I have had several teachers that made a long lasting impression on me; however, some have been good while others bad; therefore, I have some pretty crazy memories. When I first came to Fenn I didn’t know what to expect about the teachers or the school. I had the same teacher for almost every subject at my old school so this was a big change. When I first went into Ward hall, a large white building with green doors the size of an elephant, I was overwhelmed. I was in the fourth grade and it wha my second day of school. We had just gotten our math homework which was to tape up and decorate our black and white spotted notebook. At the time this seemed like a very serious assignment that needed to be done perfectly with expertise. Now looking back there is not much I could have done wrong to fail this assignment but I found a way. I left my notebook at school over the weekend. My parents decided to teach me a “lesson” by not letting me go back and get it. I came into school extra early on Monday morning racing down the green and white checkered hallway floor. I go into Mr. Smiths advisory room and grabbed my notebook. I had all of my decorating Mac and cheese duck-tape ready to go. Than I saw Mr. Smith my heart was racing, In my head I was thinking, what if he gets mad at me for doing my homework now, what if he sends my to the principals office. I scramble around the room until I heard his voice say, “ohhhhhh looks like someone is trying to do there homework before class.” I didn’t know what to say I just stared at him worried what else was going to happen. In a fun and happy voice I heard him say, “ I’m just kidding, you must have forgot your notebook, make sure not to take anything I say to seriously.” I was relieved. I learned then that instead of being worried, nervous and scared about making a mistake, I could just try to fix it. This was a good lesson for me to learn earlier and it helped me through the rest of the year. Every teacher I have had is so different and in every class I have learned a new lesson. After being at Fenn I could list countless experiences with teachers that will shape what I will do.