Final Metacognition
Exam Narrative Paragraph

Through The Tunnel Analysis

Johnny Drapeau

8th Grade Exam

Throught The Tunnel


The Less You Reveal The More People Can Wonder”




    Mystery can compel anyone, in the short story, Through The Tunnel, by Doris Lessing, a young boy named Jerry is intrigued to go near a “wild and rocky bay” near his vacation house on the beach.   

          “A few inches above them the water sparkled as if sequins were dropping through it. Fish again — myriads of minute fish, the length of his fingernail, were drifting through the water, and in a moment he could feel the innumerable tiny touches of them against his limbs. It was like swimming in flaked silver.” 

         Jerry’s curiosity brings him to believing there is an underwater tunnel through the rocky beach. His is first introduced to the tunnel when he sees a group of boys; however, they do not seem to notice him. 


       “The boys began diving again and again from a high point into a well of blue sea between rough, pointed rocks. After they had dived and come up, they swam around, hauled themselves up, and waited their turn to dive again.”


         Everything had seemed completely normal at it was nothing like Jerry had not seen before, until the biggest boy of the group dived under water and stayed for multiple minutes. Jerry than saw this boy come up gasping for air on the other side of rock that looked sixty feet wide. Jerry was amazed, yet confused; subsequently, Jerry immediately wanted to try going through this tunnel. He practiced holding his breath and was very determined to make it through the tunnel to see what it was like. He practiced holding his breath and is very determined to make it through the tunnel. Jerry knew after he bought goggles that it was his chance to swim through the tunnel. Jerry heads to the rocky beach and dives into the cool water. 

              “He was without light, and the water seemed to press upon him with the weight of the rock. Seventy­one, seventy­two… There was no strain on his lungs. He felt like an inflated balloon, his lungs were so light and easy, but his head was pulsing.”

             When Jerry finally made it to the end he was relieved and triumphant that he had finally achieved his goal, but he could not wait to go and tell his mom his achievements. 

               “Mummy,” he said, “I can stay under water for two minutes — three minutes, at least… It came bursting out of him.”

          Mystery is an important part of every boys life, and mystery pushes people to do things out of there comfort zone. The mystery of the under water tunnel is what kept him determined to keep practicing even after he got hurt. Throughout this short story the reader does not learn a lot about the characters but the author still makes this a compelling story with ups and downs. Mystery gave Jerry this great experience that he will remember forever.