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    I think that Adams Aronovitz's presentation related to any of the major themes in the Odyssey of Hubris (arrogance), Arete (virtue), and Agon (competition). I think this because in the activity that we did both countries showed Hubris, Arete, and Agon. The poorer country showed Hubris by thinking that they would be fine building a statue, and the richer country showed Hubris by thinking that they could barge in and change what the proper country is doing. The poorer country shows Arete by again continuing to build their statue and persisting. Where the richer country shows Arete by having high moral standards by going to help this less fortunate country. Finally both countries showed Agon because they were competing on which idea to use. Those are some of the traits that were used in this exercise.

    Hubris is a very important trait in both the Odyssey and the activity we did with Adam. One example of Hubris in the Odyssey is when Telemachus goes to look for Odysseus he is showing Hubris because he thinks that he can leave his house with his mother and all the suitors and that everything will be fine then of course the suitors start plotting to attack him when he returns. Hubris is shown in the activity that we did when the rich country tried to impose its will and unwanted help on the poor country that just wanted to build a statue to celebrate the anniversary of their independence. The poor country shows Hubris by not even listening to the rich country‚Äôs ideas for improving their country and wasting their money and resources on something as frivolous as a statue.


    Agon was greatly shown in the activity that we did while trying to give the poor countries resources it felt as thought it was a competition on who could tough it out the longest. Also I think that the poor country was trying to be difficult which adds a little bit of competition. There is a sense of Agon in the Odyssey when Telemachus calls a meeting and the two leaders of the suitors tell him that he is just a young boy and it is their right to have Penelope as a wife. There is also a sense of Agon between all the suitors because they all want Penelope for their wife. Those are just three examples of Agon in the Odyssey.


    I think that this activity was very important because it helped us learn how to see things that are different from us through a different lense. I also think that it is important to learn how to deal with people from different cultures. That is why I think this activity was useful.


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