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Geek values in life


How Greek Values affect Life

    I think that Adams Aronovitz's presentation related to any of the major themes in the Odyssey of Hubris (arrogance), Arete (virtue), and Agon (competition). I think this because in the activity that we did both countries showed Hubris, Arete, and Agon. The poorer country showed Hubris by thinking that they would be fine building a statue, and the richer country showed Hubris by thinking that they could barge in and change what the proper country is doing. The poorer country shows Arete by again continuing to build their statue and persisting. Where the richer country shows Arete by having high moral standards by going to help this less fortunate country. Finally both countries showed Agon because they were competing on which idea to use. Those are some of the traits that were used in this exercise.

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Recess is good

Recess is good

Why we should have longer recess



    I am currently in the ninth grade at fenn and I love it here. One thing that could be changed is our recess length. I think that recess should be longer because it is so short most of the time I only have time to quickly scarf down my food and then get to class. Some benefits of us having more time to run around increases memory, and concentration. ( physical-exercise-makes-your-brain-work-better) I also know that running around helps wake me up and gets me excited about what is going to happen next. Another reason is that recess is a chance to run around which burns off energy, and recess allows us time to talk to our friends which can improve your feelings of belonging, and purpose while giving you increased levels of happiness, reduced levels of stress, improved self-worth and confidence( -friendship-affects-your-physical-mental-health/).

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