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600 Eyes



“There is beauty and guile in the eyes of the beholder”

Xanathars Guide to everything

    My Cyclops doesn’t just have one eye it has 600. All 600 of these eyes are staring at me. These eyes aren’t just one color they are all colors, blues, browns, and greens. When I see all these eyes I get scared, I feel overwhelmed, my left knee starts bouncing uncontrollably at about 110 beats per minute. Suddenly I see a small glinting in some of the eyes and look up there I see two more eyes but these are white and glowing instead of brown or blue. Spot-lights the enemy of all people who are afraid of public speaking. As I get ready to play the first chord of my song I am terrified.

    As you may have infered, my Cyclops is public speaking and performing. Public speaking has been very hard for me. For example last year when we were doing the Y.I.P. presentation, I freaked out, ran downstairs, hid under the stairs, and started crying. So this year I made it my goal to complete my senior reflection. My strategy for achieving this lofty goal was to write a song because I thought that would be easier than speaking, to get an early spot to perform my song, and to be super prepared by practicing in front of my friends and family. All three of these strategies were very helpful during the final phase of battling this monster, the... performance.

    In the end I managed to make it through my senior reflection, but not without tons of help. The people who helped me the most were my mom and my piano teacher Trevor. These people helped me write my song which I am very grateful for. Mr. Smith helped me prepare by practicing with me and getting me to practice on the Ward Hall stage. Ms. Wade stood by me while i got ready to confront this monster. I would like to thank everyone who helped me defeat this Cyclops, thank you.



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Garrett MacKenzie

This is a really great piece Daniel! I love the message that shines through of perseverance and facing your fears even after they have overwhelmed you before. You also wrote with good diction, good job!

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