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February 2020

The Week in Review: 2/24-3/1

Reading, Annotating, Researching & Writing

In class this week (and Monday):

  • Continue reading and annotating Lord of the Flies--Chapters 1-7.  You do not have to crazy annotating, but you should be able to provide me with quick visual that show you are highlighting new vocabulary and passages that validate important themes and/or incorporate good writing techniques. (3 Points)

  • Monday's class will begin with a fifteen-minute Socratic discussion on the themes in Chapters 1-7. You would be wise to research some of these themes over the weekend. (2 Points)

  • After the discussion, you will then be given thirty minutes to write a 250-300 word Literary Analysis paragraph--which includes two supporting quotes and one outside source quote to back up and validate your theme.  (3 points)



Download Lord of the Flies Research

Download A-Maker: Literary Analysis Paragraph Level lI

A Bit of Lord of the Flies Research…


To teach a book like Lord of the Flies is never an easy thing to do. Obviously, I want you to “like” reading the book. From the perspective of “technique,” this book is incredibly well written, and an entire semester could be spent just analyzing the rhetorical techniques Golding uses to tell his story; however, that only brushes the surface of how and why and what Golding attempts to achieve. The book is amazing in how it incorporates “secondary meaning” into the unfolding of the plot.

So below, is some “research” I did to help myself find the deeper meaning in the “themes” and “allusions” Golding weaves into Lord of the Flies. Notice, too, that I cited my sources as footnotes. Good writers borrow and great writers steal—but good  and dutiful researchers “always” cite their sources and give credit where credit is due.

Read the Research doc thoroughly. I think it will be help you more fully appreciate the opportunity you have right now—not to simply read, but to explore, reflect and engage Lord of the Flies in a deep and enduring way.

The Week in Review: February 10-21

Update: Last weeks assignments are not due until after class on Friday.

What Kind of Boy Are You?

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 11.08.48 AM

“We did everything adults would do. What went wrong?”

William Golding, Lord of the Flies



Class Meets:  Monday,  Wednesday, Thursday 



The Week in Review


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The Week in Review: 2/3-2/10

The Final Push

    Always step up into a lifeboat. You are a writer who has been hired to produce an Epic Story worth publishing--and you have been given a deadline. The boat is sinking and you will either go down with the ship, or you will step into the lifeboat and complete your work on time. But not before the ship sinks.

It's time to set realistic goals--and maybe even lower your bar--but don't settle for less than you are capable of achieving.

The due date is at the end of the first class next week. The final proofreading and editing can be finished in class on that day. You will submit your work to me as a pdf. I will review it in Notability. You are responsible for utilizing my Rules for Editing and my Top Ten Writing Errors to help with your proofreading.

I do appreciate all the work you are putting into this assignment. Be sure to continue with your metacognitions!


Download Design Writing: Rules for Editing

Download Design Writing: Top Ten Writing Errors