Thoreau's Journal: On This Day
The Week in Review: May 11-21

The Week in Review: May 4-10


Wednesday, 10:00

Download 9th Grade Weekly May 4-10


Assignment #1: Reading

Details: Continue reading Walden in a least three 30 minute sessions before Friday. Complete the reading log in the assignment sheet.

Assignment #2: The Power of Reflection

Details: Write a 750 word essay that explores the power of reflective thought to help build a set of beliefs that you feel are right, just and true. Weave at least three quotes from Walden that you either agree or disagree with to either back up your beliefs or serve as a counterpoint to your argument. 

Opening paragraph: Set the scene by introducing the reader to your essay in a personal  way and “points” the reader in the direction your essay is going to go. For help, visit my “How to Write Opening Paragraphs” website.

Three Body Paragraphs: Each paragraph should introduce a “belief” that you hold dear. It is not unwise to use the “Design Writing Paragraph Plan” to guide the flow your writing. It can be written in a narrative style or in a more formal way of literary analysis.

Conclusion: Open the door. Don’t close it. Do your best to write a short conclusion that gives the reader something to think about. Don’t just recap what you have written about already in your essay.

If you need help, please text me and we can set up a private or group conference.

Post in your assignment sheet and to your blog before Monday, May 11