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Mid-Year Exam Prep Portfolio

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Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail
~Ben Franklin

Your mid-year exam is composed of three parts. Share with me as Last Name Midyear. I estimate it will take six-eight hours to thoughtfully work through this prep sheet. Four to five hours will be in in class time. The rest is on your own—so “Eat your cow” lest the King will have your head.

  1. The first part is this Exam Prep Portfolio. Complete this over the course of the next week. It is meant to mimic the amount of time you should spend preparing for a major exam.

  2. The second part is to write five Exam Prep Metacognition’s. Three this week and two next week.. Be sure to put your metacognition’s in this portfolio in a timely way!

  3. During the exam period, comment thoughtfully on your classmates’ “Power of Tradition” narrative paragraphs and “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” essay. Copy and paste your comments into the attached “Commenting Sheet.” 

And then you are off until January. I do appreciate all of the hard work you have done during this first half of the year. 


Exam Prep Portfolio

Download Freshman Mid-Year Exam use as you need them

The Week in Review: 12/4-12/9

The Heroic Cycle

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Those who don't look, don't see...


Class Meetings:  Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

NOTE: Feel free to start studying for the exam. The Top Ten Comma Rules and Top Five Sentence Building Techniques will be a major component of the exam.



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The Week in Review: 11/12-11/18

Literary Analysis

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Give meaning to insight...


    This week we will begin our first major essay that explores three major themes in Books I-XII and also explores your experience reading, thus far, The Odyssey. It is a 1500 word essay which you will work on in a Pages doc shared with me. You may include two of your team analysis paragraphs (which must be cited). You must additionally write one of your own. The essay will also include a Literary Reflection paragraph. I will also give you Design Writing Plans for opening paragraphs, effective transitions and conclusions

The Essay is due after the second class period next week. This is not a week to procrastinate. The grade counts towards your winter term grade.

Use class time wisely and productively--and use the Design Writing plans assiduously. Look that word up!

This essay is intended to showcase your reading, writing and presentation skills, and can be used as a writing sample in secondary school applications.

Submit as a hard copy, a Pages doc, on your blog--and for extra credit as a podcast.

Class Meetings:  Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday



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The Week in Review: 11/5-11/11

Getting Halfway There

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Learn from those who go before you...


Class Meetings:  Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Updates: Last weeks Weekly Assignment Sheet is due before Wednesday's class



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The Week in Review: 10/28-11/03

Telling a Good Story

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It's only as hard as you make it...



Class Meetings:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday




Weekly PDF for Tutors: Download 9th Grade Weekly Assignments 10:28-11-03


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The Week in Review: 10/21-10/27

Books V-VI

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A mighty book requires a mighty theme

~Herman Melville

Class Meetings:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday


Audio Book 6


Weekly PDF Version: Download 9th Weekly Assignments 10:21-10:27


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How to Write a Metacognition

Know Thyself…
Explore, Assess, Reflect & Rethink

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“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Søren Kierkegaard

    If we don’t learn from what we do, we learn little of real value. If we don’t make the time to explore, assess, reflect, and rethink our ways of doing  things, we will never grow, evolve and reach our greatest potential or tap into the possibilities of our lives. Writing metacognition’s is our way to explore our experiences as students and teachers, and then to honestly assess our strengths and weaknesses, to willfully and wisely reflect on what we did—and did not—do, and to rethink how to move forward in a positive and more enlightened way towards a better and more applicable and capable future.


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