The Week in Review: 09/30-10-6

Entering The Odyssey

How an ancient story shapes our lives...

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Sing to me muse...

~The Odyssey

Update: Thursday

  • When you finish your Power of Place and Power of Hard Times, do the following:
    1. Create a Pages doc with proper formatting using the Essay Template. Save it as "last name Power of Place" and "last name Power of Hard Times."  This will allow you to create a portfolio of your writing pieces, which we will later use to make an iBook portfolio of your best work. 
    2. Copy and paste to to your assignment sheet. This allows me to add feedback and comments.
    3. Put it up on your blog using the essay template. If it is over 300 words, format as an essay. If it is under 300 words, format as a single paragraph. 
    4. Copy and paste subtitle and text into the comment box in the dropbox for the assignment.

Saving digital docs in three places (which I call the "Triple Parachute") assures that your hard work will not be lost. If you have any questions or problems doing this, please let me know via email, and I can help you!

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Who Loves an A?

Design Writing

Literary Analysis Paragraph



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Sometimes the shortest path is the longest trail 



     Really, who doesn’t like an A on an essay that has been painstakingly crafted and wrought in thoughtful, meticulous ways over the course of many precious hours stolen from from the larger tablet of time? The irony is that in trying to save time by choosing a shorter and suggested path to the peak, we often lose time by rambling around the base of the mountain, and, in spite of our efforts, we never reach the top; we never see the amazing view, and we never go home with any sense of accomplishment. But all is not lost. Today is a new day and a new opportunity to get back on the trail and do things right.

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