My WW Fenn piece

Music Memoir





    I never imagined that a group of guys sitting on a coach in California, would make such a big impact in the music industry. A small band that had big dreams, defeated the odds, and broke through the record books. They wrote about tough times, rather than flex their riches. 

    These guys, they are different. They aren’t doing it for the fame, the money, the fans, rather as a passion, and living life with there best friends by there sides. They remind me of my two good friends at school, and how my life will include them in my future.  

    Each and every one of there songs, has at least something that one can relate to. That’s why they are so important in my life.  I can relate to someone that I see all the times on the big screens, and the billboards. I never would have though that I have so much in common with a such a famous group of people. 


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