The Power of Respect
Music Memoir



The Power of Music 

By: Dylan Fayerman





        Music is a universal language, and no matter your sex, religion, or nationality everyone can speak it. Music has changed my life over the past year. It has transformed me into the person I am today. Ever since I started listening to music on the regular I feel like a changed person. I feel overall happier, and more energetic. I remember one time after a tough day at school, receiving a bad test grade and a “conversation with my parents” I turned to music to improve my day. I felt a rush of emotions, and I crawled through the tough day. Music is something that I turn to in my daily life. I will play music in car rides, while studying, playing tennis and so much more. Not only has it made me happier, but also more energetic. Music helps me wake up when I’m tired. Music has changed my life for the better, and probably for others as well. It speaks to everyone, and anyone because it doesn’t take practice to understand.


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