Friends are Always There.
Amish Pennsylvania

Live Life to its fullest 


Enjoy what life brings


Life is a game, play it; Life is a challenge, Meet it; Life is an opportunity, Capture it.

- Unknown


The enormous hunk of metal screeched as it halted, to a web of excited little children. The conductor blew his whistle, and the doors swung open. My friends, and myself rushed through, just like every other immature little kid. Little did we know, we had just buckled our seat belts into the scariest ride in New Jersey. 


A man in a red jacket came from a booth next to the door, and screamed “we’re about to have some fun!” This is when things started to go south. The “Russian Mountain” blew full speed ahead, reaching a breath taking speed, and height. My friend and myself could see over the New Jersey Wildwood sky’s. It might as well have been the most beautiful sun set I had ever seen. 


My friend and I, had lived life to its fullest. We didn’t check how high, or how fast the coaster went. We didn’t worry, or stress about the future. We just stepped up to the door, and enjoyed our ride. Most likely we would have not ridden the ride if we knew it’s specifics, and I’m glad we didn’t.


Don’t live life looking for answers for the future. Just step up to the door, and enjoy what life has to bring 


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Oliver Ali

Wow, Dylan, that first paragraph is full of great imagery and it really represented the theme of your paragraph. I really enjoyed how you wrote the second to last paragraph. Everything from the parallel structure to the themes; it was very pleasing to read. You brought up a great theme at the end of the piece: how we shouldn’t worry or stress about what could go wrong, but rather embrace and anticipate the fun that will be had. This is a very good point that you brought up, and you explained it very well. Great job.

Jamie Book

The first paragraph hooked me in and kept me engaged. I wanted to keep reading, and I was not disappointed. Another thing I loved was the last sentence. It wrapped up your piece perfectly.

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